Lucifer: Lady Parts – Bar Fight (Review)


Lucifer is in distraction mode in an effort to avoid his issues with “Dad.” Amenadiel is still in meltdown and Maze actually seems to bond with Chloe.  A ladies night out turns into a bar fight and this week’s murder features a small town girl gone bad.

Two blonde Nebraskan newbies are found dead and Chloe, despite being distracted by her looming divorce, is determined to find the girls’ killer. Lucifer keeps himself entertained by playing games on his smart phone and watching kitten videos.

Amenadiel fluctuates between depression and warning his brother about not living up the deal he made with their father.  He warns Lucifer that “dad is not the understanding type.” Amenadiel reminds his brother that the loophole he found dealing with Charlotte/Mum may cost Chloe her life and it affects them all.

Mazikeen visits Charlotte to gloat at her discomfort filling a human’s shoes.  Charlotte does tell Maze that despite the downside to living in a world obsessed with gluten, she would rather be on earth than in Hell.

Lucifer is annoyed by Chloe’s dour demeanor and asks Maze to take her out for a girl’s night. She agrees but wants Lucifer’s convertible if she can make Chloe have fun.

The girl’s night out takes place in a  Tiki bar across the street from a club that both dead girls went to before they died.  Chloe only agrees to go so  she can question potential witnesses.

Ella joins Maze and Chloe. Linda turns up and joins the group. Decker finally unwinds and the women bond. Linda, starts things off by confessing she used to work as a phone “sex worker.”  Ella reveals that she stole cars and Maze tell the small group that she was forged in Hell.

After Chloe reveals her fears about the upcoming divorce and having to move, she spies a triangular stamp like the ones found on the dead girls. This one is on a bearded man in the bar.

She starts to question the man and his overly jealous girlfriend moves in to nastily warn Chloe off. Maze wants to kick the woman’s butt and after Linda calms her down, insults the large blonde woman.

The angry girlfriend punches Chloe in the face. Cue one bar fight.

Maze kicks major butt, and does so with a broken pool cue, and by the end of the evening the “girls” have firmly bonded. So much so that Chloe learns she agreed to be Mazikeen’s roommate.

Decker learns that Lucifer made Maze take her out for a girl’s night and she is furious.

Lucifer and Dan go undercover to the “sex club” and Luci brings Amenadiel in an effort to cheer him up. Dan is upset that everyone believes he looks like a cop.

Amenadiel keeping it low-key.

At the sex club, Dan and Luci get a name, Yuri. The Hollywood sleaze was the last person seen with the two dead women.  They collect a drunk  Amenadiel who spills the remnants of his drink on Dan.  Lucifer gets the line of the episode when he realizes he could have recorded the incident on his “douche-cam.”

Chloe, sporting a few cuts and bruises from her girl’s night out, questions Yuri with Lucifer. They learn the identity of a third woman, one that Yuri knows, who was working as a pimp.

The third woman was Lily, a friend to the dead girls. She poisoned the “newbies” by accident, she meant to slip them both a roofie.  Lily grabs Chloe and holds a cutting tool to her neck. The cop breaks free when Lucifer’s smart phone rings.

Later, Maze reminds her about sharing an apartment. (Lucifer suggests the killer’s place.) As Chloe drives her car and works a deal on the deposit another vehicle slams into hers.

Lucifer  “Lady Parts” was amusing.  Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Maze got the second funniest line of the episode with “Nobody calls my skank a skank.”

DB Woodside’s Amenadiel’s interaction with Dan came in a close third:

Amenadiel: “Only Dullards drink alone.”

Dan: “I do not look like a cop.”

Amenadiel: “Cop!”

Chloe beating the dickens out of Lily with a rolled up yoga mat while yelling about manipulation was worth an honorable mention.

Back to the running storyline: The car crashing into Chloe Decker was a clear sign that fun time was over and Amenadiel was right about “Father” not liking the loophole.  Decker is obviously in danger unless Charlotte/Mum is returned to Hell.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX. Tune in and see who “Dad” sent to set things right.


Guest starring Anne Leighton as Lily and Robert Picardo as Yuri.

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