‘Gotham’ Mad City: Anything for You – Butch (Recap/Review)


Gotham “Mad City: Anything for Your” was, as Barbara put it, possibly “the best party ever.” One that Butch orchestrated when Ed pushed his way into the position of right-hand man to Oswald. Gotham’s new mayor is besotted with his new BFF and Butch is beyond jealous at losing all that power.

The metal-handed Gilzean also does not trust Ed and the big enforcer is almost slavishly devoted to Penguin.  Butch creates the “Red Hood” gang to attack Oswald and destroy the statue of his mother.

His plan is to capture the gang and get his standing back with Cobblepot.

The gang briefly terrorize the town.  They burn a school bus and blow up a priest, all the while telling the scared school kids that this is all Oswald Cobblepot’s fault. Penguin is furious about his mother’s statue and wants to stop this new gang.

James Gordon and Valerie Vale set out some ground rules for their new relationship.  Bruce Wayne hires James to find Ivy Pepper and the bounty hunter gives the multimillionaire teen some advice about girls and relationships.

Ed makes a triumphant return to GCPD and tells a furious Captain Barnes that he is in charge of the Red Hood investigation.  Nygma stops by to see Lucius Fox and when Ed sees Leslie she punches him in the face.

Nygma actually gets angry, rather than his usual smug reaction to everything, but the doc is not impressed. Later Thompkins tells Barnes about Alice’s blood and  the captain is very interested.


It seems that Tetch’s blood was administered to three lab rats. Two were fine and got stronger. One, however, chewed its way through seven cages and killed all the other rats. Three guesses as to which “rat” Barnes will turn out to be…

Butch’s plan to usurp Ed’s position of power almost succeeds. Even Tabitha agrees to help her former “toy” but Ed manages to outwit Butch in the end. Not, however, before Butch massacres the entire gang that he recruited and gave orders to.

At the celebratory party, at Sirens, Butch is tricked into trying to kill Oswald, but his gun, supplied by Nygma is loaded with blanks. Zsasz shoots Butch but it does not keep him down. He grabs Ed by the throat and begins throttling the life out of him.

At the party, Bruce finally tells Selina how he feels about her. They share a kiss and Kyle essentially explains to Bruce that she is in charge here. Earlier Selina interacts with a very bemused Ivy Pepper but she fails to recognize her “Big” friend.

At the end of the episode, Butch is being taken away by ambulance and Tabitha, looking oh so cool on a motorbike, starts the machine, pulls down her goggles and says, “hang on Butch.”

Barnes learns that Butch was taken from police custody and he finds out that he no longer needs that crutch.

The Mad Hatter has kidnapped a girl, dressed her like Alice and talks to the faux Alice as if she really were his sister. He then kills her and uses her blood to write Gordon’s name on a card.

Jim Gordon decides to provide Valerie Vale with the information she needs regarding Alice Tetch’s blood. The two look like they are now officially an item.

Now that Butch is free, it may not take long for him to attack Nygma again.

Gotham airs Mondays on FOX.


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