Narcos: Season 2, Episode 7 Deutschland 93 – Columbian Folk Art (Review)

Netflix Narcos

Pablo Escobar sends Tata, his mother and the kids to Germany in Deutschland 93 but the are refused entry after Murphy tells customs they are carrying a huge sum of cash. Narcos shows a desperate and erratic Escobar in episode seven, ready and willing to do anything to ensure his family’s safety.

He also strikes back at the Cali cartel and sets off a bomb in the streets that kills innocent women and children. Before then, Peña hunts down Escobar’s lawyer, and his son, but Trujillo tells Berna where the two are hiding.

The boy and his father are murdered by Los Pepes, aka the Castaño brothers, and Javier is furious with his colleague Trujillo. It turns out that his fellow cop is not the only one aiding the Cali cartel and the Castaño’s. CIA agent Bill Stechner is also feeding information to the two organizations.

The Castaño brothers are as bad, if not worse, than Escobar. As Murphy points out, when two psychopaths compete there is no limit to how far they will go. Los Pepes create more ghoulish displays of Escobar’s butchered men and the authorities dub the visceral vignettes “Columbian Folk Art.”

Judy Moncada wants Javier killed when he stops providing them with  intel. Don Berna quickly intercedes on the DEA agent’s behalf.  Later, when he is meant to meet Peña, Bill Stechner steps in and tells Javier to back off.

Stechner tells Peña that the CIA have America’s long term interests at heart. Javier is told that he is upsetting the apple cart and that he needs to stop.  He also tells the agent  that  the lawyer and his son were found, “without  your help.”

Peña confronts Trujillo about the lawyer and his son and the other man is unmoved by their deaths. He reminds Javier of how many families Escobar destroyed over the years.

Murphy shadows Escobar’s family, following them to Germany. He waits while the two governments talk about allowing them in the country. While the wait continues Pablo calls the German airport and the airline making threats.

Finally Pablo calls the state prosecutor. None of his calls accomplish anything and Tata, his kids and mother are are returned to South America. Murphy follows and starts to intercede when the police arrive to take the family into protective custody.

Escobar’s days are numbered as are Judy Moncada’s.  The Castaño brothers have effectively shut down her drug operations in Medellin as well as Pablo’s.  While she is not overly pleased at this development her goal of settling old scores with Escobar take precedence over her business problems.

The end of Pablo Escobar is clearly in sight. Los Pepes are closing in and the president continues to look the other way.  The goal of both the government and the Castaño brothers is the death of Escobar.

Netflix original Narcos is streaming right now, there are only three episodes left in the second season. Head over now and watch the fall of Pablo Escobar.


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