‘Longmire’ Season 5, Episode 5: Pure Peckinpah (Recap/Review)


“Pure Peckinpah” sheds a lot of light on how many cookie jars Malachi has his fingers in. Vic buys the wolf lady’s RV and moves out of Cady’s house and Joey Takoda turns up dead in front of the Red Pony.

Henry is worried that someone knows he is Hector, otherwise why would the drug dealer’s body be dumped outside his place. The problem with Standing Bear’s logic is that Malachi owns the bar now and the message was left for him and not Hector.

Walt’s civil suit is still pending but it does not slow him down in the investigation of Takoda’s murder. Walt finds the “Hector Lives” sign that Henry painted on Joey’s wall and he  believes that Mathias is Hector.

The son of a friend is put into rehab because of his heroin addiction and his current girlfriend; Jule, becomes a suspect in the Takoda killing. It turns out that Joey was selling dope off the reservation as well.

Travis Murphy helps Vic to chase down Jule and even though she is a reluctant witness Jule knows enough to keep her off the suspect list.

Malachi meets with the two men who murdered Joey. They killed him because Hector destroyed $10 thousand worth of heroin. Malachi offers to pay what Takoda owes and then puts a price on Hector’s head.

He tasks his men with finding Hector and when one objects Malachi shoots him dead.  It is shocking to see just how violent and deadly Jacob Nighthorse’s head of security really is.

Henry and the reservation cop put Walt off the scent by burning the local pot dealers stash and writing  “Hector Lives” on the man’s pizza delivery car.  Walt and Mathias question Jamie and learn he knows the red headed drug dealer that Jule spoke about under questioning.

Walt has Jamie arrange a meeting with the man. He is to tell the drug dealer; Eddie Harp, that he will sell heroin.  The deal goes down by the river and Jamie is meant to record the proceedings.

Ferg and Walt swoop in on the two men but Harp kicks his heroin into the river.  He is arrested and questioned. The recording turns out to be useless and the heroin that Walt and Ferg recovered from the scene came from Jamie.

The FBI insist that Harp be turned over to them and Walt says he will deliver the drug dealer to them.  Walt has to drop off Billy to another drug rehab clinic and Ferg drives Harp himself.

As Ferg drives Eddie to the meeting place a semi blocks the road ahead. When he tries to back up another car pulls up behind his vehicle. Men with guns then surround Ferg and his prisoner. As the screen fades to black there is the sound of automatic gunfire.

This episode tackled the issue of drug abuse and drug dealing while showing just how dangerous Malachi really is. It also turned the heat up on Henry and Mathias endangering their Hector deal.

Vic turns to Travis for help with her new RV  and he fixes her black hose problem. Ferg seems pretty happy with his new girlfriend the nurse.

“Pure Peckinpah” was a shocking episode. With Malachi’s shooting of his own man and Ferg being ambushed things were quite intense despite the slow nature of the episode.

Longmire is streaming on Netflix and all 10 episodes are available to watch right now. Head over now and see what happened to Ferg and Eddie Harp in that ambush.



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