‘Superstore’ Episode 4: Spokesman Scandal – Dare (Recap/Review)

'Superstore' Episode 4: Spokesman Scandal - Dare (Recap/Review)

In terms of hilarity, Superstore consistently delivers. However, “Spokesman Scandal” almost ties with last season’s “Secret Shopper” episode in terms of laughs.  Although that forklift scene is a series highlight that may never be topped.

This episode’s main theme, the cannibal spokesman for Cloud 9, is clearly a reference to Jared Fogle and Subway. While this could be seen as slightly poor taste, it zooms past this opening storyline and enters into “dare” territory.

It is here that the segment takes off.  Although, like the forklift scene in “Secret Shopper” the sight of America Ferrera walking around and making teeth gnashing sounds is an episode topper. Everything else should pale in comparison but Feldman and Ferrera control the episode with increasingly silly dares.

The “Charles in Charge” theme song over the tannoy was brilliant and came a close second to the “gnashing.” But however funny America is as Amy it is the teaming of Ferrera and Feldman that yields the most laughs.

(And we are talking serious belly laughs, not giggles or chuckles but darned painful deep laughs that require a substantial amount of recovery time.)

These two are comic platinum together.  The kayak scene, where they both undertake the same dare is funny.  The reaction of the visiting Cloud 9 rep helps add to the hilarity as does Amy’s husband’s appearance later at the final dare.

While nothing quite came close to the spokesman outfit walk taken by Amy at the start, the “Amy’s way with words” scene was a good example of just how clever the writers and the actors are in this series.

With Jonah holding up various odd items as Amy talks to Glenn (she has to incorporate the item on show  into her little pep talk) the conversation is completely random yet, at the same time, relevant. Glenn has no idea what is going on which makes the scene even funnier.

Superstore: Spokesman Scandal shows just how well the entire cast fit together as an ensemble.  Dunn as Garrett steadfastly maintains his role of the almost curmudgeonly co-worker with a glint in his eye.  Nichole Bloom has grown as Cheyenne and has managed to make the new mum even funnier than last season.

Lauren Ash continues to walk that fine line between being almost psychotic and just plain weird. McKinney has also kept his annoyingly wishy-washy manager on top form.

Stepping away from all this love for the cast;  this segment followed up the Mateo  and Jeff storyline from last week’s episode. It appears that, despite the comical fits and starts throughout this installment, that Jeff fancies Mateo after all.

Superstore - Season 2

After earlier asking him to mop up the vomit in the ladies room stalls, Jeff asks Mateo out on a date. Unfortunately for Mateo he cannot say anything as it is against company policy for managers to date employees.

Kudos to America and Ben for knocking out of the park with the dare double-act.  Props also go to Bloom for the whole baby pictures and videos gag.

On a sidenote: It was nice to see Sandra get to do more in this episode. Kauahi has been a comic presence in the show from the start and the change  from just doing non-verbal comedy was a good move.

Superstore airs Thursdays on NBC. Tune in and prepare to laugh till you hurt.


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