Rosewood: Boatopsy & Booty – War (Review)


Rosewood settles back into its normal routine this week. “Boatopsy & Booty” investigates a murder motivated by sunken treasure and Ira’s daughter turns up not realizing that daddy has been demoted.

The episode sees the return of Pippy and Mitchie.  Rosie’s sister comes back to the lab to earn some money for those album recording sessions. Mitchie is back from the conference and TMI  is happy to see them both.  Tara has to devote a lot of  her energy into soothing the dead man’s fish as she struggles to deal with Pippy’s return.

A dead scuba diver provides the murder to be solved while family issues are danced  around throughout the episode.  The dead man is found to have swallowed a huge emerald. This takes the crime into sunken treasure territory.

Before the episode is over a fake gem expert, a crooked treasure hunter, a down and out former partner of the dead man and a coastguard officer will turn out to have been involved with the victim.

It was a nice story, a man devoted to his daughter and trying to make her life better is murdered before he can get the gemstone he found back home.

This was the theme of the episode: Parents, single parents, and their children. Over the course of Rosewood, Ira struggles with his daughter finding out that he is no longer captain.  The dead man was trying to set his girl up financially and Rosie has major issues with his own mother and the convict she believes is innocent.

Things have apparently cooled off between Villa and Rosie since solving Eddie’s murder last week.  They are working together brilliantly as before, but it looks like Rosewood backing off.  At one point he says that he likes what they have, a clear sign that Annalise has been put  back in flirty friend mode.

Further evidence of this is Rosie’s move to acquaint himself with a waitress at the new restaurant/bar he and Villa have discovered.

(Speaking of “evidence” the giant green emerald found in the dead man’s stomach looked amazingly like “El Corazón” from the 1987 film Romancing the Stone.)

Rosie and Villa catch the murderer and Captain Slade, despite being rather unorthodox, turns out to be pretty supportive of his staff after all.  Unfortunately Donna Rosewood and her son have a huge blowout at the family celebration set up for  Pippy’s return.

Momma Rosewood has opted to re-mortgage her house and gives  the money to Gerald’s lawyer.  Rosie is furious. He still believes that Gerald is guilty.

The move by Donna beggars belief.  While it provides friction in the Rosewood household one wonders if she really does believe Gerald is innocent or if she wants to prove Rosie wrong.

Sometimes parents do odd things in order to show that they know best.

Rosewood ends on a very sour note. Donna storms off and leaves the dinner party she initiated. War has been officially declared between Rosie and Donna. This “Gerald” storyline will obviously play out over this season, like Eddie’s did previously, and it may required a detour to be rectified.

It is disappointing to see things take a step back between Villa and Rosie.  The “will they, won’t they” has been, for the time being, nipped in the bud so to speak.

Rosewood airs Thursdays on FOX. Tune in and catch the coolest forensic pathologist  in Miami.


Guest starring  Amanda Leighton as Sophie Hornstock, David Clayton Rogers as Karl Benson, Josh Zuckerman as Cody Tucker and Carlos Leal as Edgar Moreno.

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