Legends of Tomorrow: Out of Time – Roasted Nazis (Review)

Damien Dhark in Out of Time

Damien Dhark turns out to be the big bad of season two, along with his “partner” Reverse Flash, and Rip Hunter has done a Houdini and vanished. Legends of Tomorrow introduces a new team member, and maybe more, in “Out of Time.”

The other possible new members of the group may well be the Justice League of America, first seen in last season’s finale and spied again at the end of this episode.

Things will be very different this time around since Hunter has taken a powder and the loss of personal favorite Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart has left a hole that cannot be filled.  Sure Mick Rory can play the resident bad boy of the group but it just is not the same without Snart. 

“Out of Time” starts with Nate Heywood, aka Citizen Steel meeting Oliver Queen (a nice crossover touch) and explaining that the “Legends” are in trouble.  Nate reveals that he knows Queen is the Green Arrow, almost ending the meeting as Mr. Grumpy Queen gets annoyed at Heywood’s knowledge.

Cue the beginning of an entire expository episode except for near the end where good old Albert Einstein is saved and made to tell the world of his secret collaborative partner in nuclear physics.

There are a few leaps through time as Rip and the group work to sort out all those pesky aberrations in time. The funniest bit of the entire episode dealt with France, a heated battle (pun intended) between every player except Sara who has a heated interchange with the queen. (Again, pun intended.)

Jax gets off a good crack at Sara’s expense when he suggests the queen is all warmed up for the king. Ms. Lance is not amused.

Rory is alone when found on the ship and later the rest of the gang are rescued from their various timelines. A cute bit where Palmer is running with dinosaurs, Sara is about to be hung as a witch and Stein, along with Jax, are court jesters, or magicians about to be beheaded.

As DC  villains go, Dhark, as portrayed by Neal McDonough is at the top of the heap.  Scary powerful and charismatic Dhark proved in this episode that even as far back as 1942, he is pretty much indestructible. (He was oddly very low key as well.)

Looking at who Damian has partnered up with; the Reverse Flash, time will surely undergo a great many changes.  Clearly Eobard has been busy already, how else did those Frenchmen get modern day weapons.

Dhark and Eobard will obviously be the target throughout the season and just as obviously Sara is going to focus on killing Damien in revenge for Laurel’s death.

What will be interesting in the television DC verse is how all this time travel will affect the various shows. The Flash has already affected Arrow…or has it?

Barry learns in Paradox that his timeline change affected John Diggle, changing  the gender of his child. But did he? With the Legends of Tomorrow jumping here and there fixing anomalies in the timeline, could they not have influenced something in the timeline that affected John?

Keeping that in mind, one could reasonably expect to see Laurel once again in the land of the living which would affect a number of things.  While this may not happen, it is a possibility, which could take the second season of “Legends” a long way.

So far the new season has replaced the Brit hero with a square-jawed American; one who is not a leader of the group but a new addition.  Time will tell whether this change will work or not.

The season two premiere was fun but a tad empty with no Snart and too little Hunter.  Arthur Darvill has hinted that his character will be “lighter” this season. Does that mean lighter as nonexistent?

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays on CW. Tune in and see what mischief Dhark and Reverse Flash get up to.



Guest starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen and John Rubinstein as Albert Einstein, 

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