Scream Queens: Handidates – Chad vs Brock (Recap/Review)


The hilarity continues on Scream Queens with “Handidates.” The body count rises and the alpha male contest between Chad Radwell and Dr. Brock Holt escalates. It is Chad vs Brock as they compete for Chanel Oberlin’s affections.

A new incurable patient checks in, joining Randal as a patient in CURE.  The woman, a yoga instructor, suffers from continual multiple orgasms. Dr. Cascade confesses to Channel #3 that he is dead and she reveals that she has never had an orgasm.

Randal gets his “Jumping Frenchman of Maine Disorder” cured in time to be killed by the Green Meanie.  The Chanel’s and Dean Munch dispose of Tyler’s body after Chanel #5 makes the dead body “barf.”

Hester is told by Munsch and the Chanel’s that she will not be checking into the hospital.  The Dean does give Hester a “Room With a View” VHS video though. Ulrich does give them a clue however, which leads them to the “house that esrun built” and Lynne Johnstone.


The male nurse reveals that he was in the hospital during the Halloween massacre in 1986. He also tells them of the “body in the swamp” the year before. Johnstone says that he has been getting threatening calls. He believes that the dead man’s pregnant wife made the calls.

Chad accuses Holt of being the killer and Munsch tells the surgeon he needs to have his serial killer hand removed. Chad declares that he will perform the surgery after going though a list of “handidates” to provide a replacement.

The whole thing is called off when Dean Munsch decides that Chad is the main suspect.  Dr. Cascade does yoga research on Chanel #3 to cure Shelia Baumgartner.

Chad asks Chanel Oberlin to marry him, but only after she reads and signs a prenup, and Holt appears to be stalking Radwell. Cascade cures Baumgartner’s PGAD and he takes Chanel #3 to bed.

Later, Radwell asks Holt to be his best man. The surgeon agrees and tells Chad that when the couple break up, he will comfort Chanel. The bride-to-be asks #3 and ZayDay to be bridesmaids and #5 to be the ring bearer at her wedding.

Baumgartner is murdered as she is being released  from the hospital. Chamberlain Jackson is also attacked but the Green Meanie refuses to attack ZayDay Williams.


Denise Hemphill and ZayDay get Hester released and agree to put her in the basement of the hospital. In return they want the name of the killer. ZayDay also wants to know why the Green Meanie did not attack her.

At the wedding, Chad falls through the ceiling. He appears to be very dead.

The hospital’s cured patients are still being killed off, but Munsch is hiding the bodies in the swamp. (The act of hiding the bodies feels very reminiscent of  The Quiet Family, or The Happiness of the Katakuris except for the Green Meanie.

Dr. Holt is the obvious suspect in the death of Chad although Hester’s presence in the hospital also makes her a good choice as his murderer.

The Chanel’s are still mentally challenged, in the IQ department and ZayDay is still Denise Hemphill’s favorite suspect.

This episode was funny but the highlight had to be the “Room With a View” gag at Hester’s cell.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays on FOX. Tune in and enjoy the comically murderous mayhem.


Guest starring  Cheri Oteri as Sheila Baumgartner, Alec Mapa as Lynne Johnstone and Kevin Bigley  as Randal. 

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