Timeless: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln – Changes? (Review)

 Timeless - Season 1

In this episode of Timeless all the rules are changed in the “time travel verse” when the trio head back to April 14, 1865.  Somewhere along the line, in the Hollywood rules of time travel the traveller could not go past their own timeline.  (This was the mantra in Quantum Leap – that show also featured traveling back to the Civil War but Al had to do it as Sam Beckett was too young.)

In Timeless however, this is not an issue, not one person blinks an eye when they learn that Flynn has gone back to the day of Lincoln’s death at the hands of John Wilkes Booth.

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln is on the line in this episode and this time Flynn is not out to stop it, but to expand it. He wants the whole top tier of the cabinet taken out. (This appears to be a running theme. Flynn’s  plan dealing with the Hindenburg also meant with taking out a lot of important historical figures.)

Lucy meets up with Flynn again, at the train station, and he explains that he wants to save America.  (Sort of a variation on Donald Trumps theme of making the country great again.)  Garcia tells Lucy that she will even help him later.

Since he uses a notebook written by her as a sort of map, or guide, his claim makes a certain amount of sense.

Timeless looks at the other side of the time travel coin. Instead of going back to kill a reviled historical figure, such as Adolph Hitler, would or should anyone go back to save a revered one.

(Stephen King used this idea with 11/22/63 and in that scenario changes were pretty drastic after JFK was saved.)

There are some interesting moments in this episode. Booth’s refusal to use anything other than the derringer to kill Lincoln is actually quite amusing. . This actually leads to  Flynn doing the deed and Booth is no longer the assassin.

“Actors,” mutters Flynn as he enters the theatre.

Timeless - Season 1
Flynn escaping the presidential box.

Rufus almost learns the hard way that “re-inactment” uniforms are not the same as real ones.  However he does get help later on from the same man who realized Rufus  was a phony soldier.

More time travel anomalies  emerge in this episode.  Despite the disappearance of Amy, Lucy’s sister, Wyatt and Rufus know of her existence thru their colleague.

Jiya, takes the information  from Lucy and does a family tree search. Preston learns that her father Henry, married a survivor of the Hindenburg crash and never married her mother. There is an disconnect here as  Lucy was born but not her sister.

Apparently Henry was never her father. Her mother has been lying to her for years.  When she returns home Lucy finds she is late for her own engagement party and meets her fiancé for the first time.

Rufus is a “double agent.” Connor Mason is making him record the missions. The pilot tries to back out of spying on his new friends but Mason insists.

It seems to only be a matter of time before something is changed that will bring back Wyatt’s wife.  Logan was actually wounded during this trip and Rufus saved his life.  After being patched up properly back in the present, the doctor asks if she can call anyone to pick him up.

Timeless - Season 1

“I’ll get a cab,” replies Logan. This little scene may be a sign that Wyatt’s life is about to change.

Back to Connor Mason and Rufus, the name Rittenhouse comes up, as it did when Garcia and Lucy spoke at the train station. It is not a person but an organization and it appears to be pulling Mason’s strings.

Timeless airs Mondays on NBC. Tune in and catch the latest time travel series on offer.


Guest starring Neal Bledsoe as Robert Todd Lincoln, Kelly Blatz as John Wilkes Booth,  Mike Wade as Nicholas Biddle and Michael Krebs as Abraham Lincoln.

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