Supergirl: Season Two Premiere – Happy Smiling Faces (Review)

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It has been a year since last Mike’s Film Talk looked at Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, aka, Kara Danvers and season two of the series still looks brilliant. This premiere episode saw Kara get a visit from her “younger” cousin and it was happy smiling faces all around. (Superman is quite chipper compared to his big screen Henry Cavill/Zack Snyder version.)

Of course these two superhero cousins are more in keeping with the old fashioned Superman than Snyder’s re-imagining of the man of steel.

This opening episode “The Adventures of Supergirl” introduces soon-to-be super villain Metallo and Lena Luthor, the adoptive sister of Lex, who is serving 32 consecutive life sentences in prison.

James (and never Jimmy) Olsen is back and it is still irritating that the series creators chose to make the former cub reporter into a tall, handsome and ripped photographer.

Winn Schott, the future Toyman, now works for DEO (aka the Department for Extra-Normal Operations). Superman and J’onn J’onzz do not get along due the the Kryptonite storage issue and Lex’s sister is trying to restore the Luthor name.

Cat Grant seems to have thawed out since last season’s premiere although that may have more to do with her character’s crush on Superman. As well as Metallo’s origin’s being explored here, there is a mysterious arrival from Krypton.

“The Adventures of Supergirl” featured a lot of double teaming by the two cousins. At one point, Corben targets innocent citizens of National City to split the superheroes up.  After Superman saves a small family, the father says, “That’s it, we’re moving back to Gotham.”

By the end of the episode, Lena Luthor is saved from Corben.  The assassin hired by Lex is shot by Alex Davenport and sent off to become Metallo. Kara sort of breaks up with James deciding that they make better friends.

Cat finally learns that Kara wants to become a reporter, something the magazine magnate predicted a year ago.

Apparently Superman is sticking around for awhile, something that must make Tyler Hoechlin very happy, perhaps that is why his character showed off so many of those pearly whites.

The cast of Supergirl now boasts two international performers on the rolls.  Birmingham actor David Harewood is joined by Irish actress Katie McGrath.

Supergirl is an entertaining show. Even the move from CBS to CW has not changed that. Benoist is an endearing superhero, sort of a girl next door quality housed in a red cape and superior super powers.

There are still some issues. Supergirl needs help from Superman to stop the falling spacecraft. She could have just been polite, asking her cousin for a hand, but clearly the “girl” was struggling. Odd moments like these are annoying. Supergirl should not need help. Full stop.

Still the show is fun and brings out he kid in this reviewer.  The series feels as impressive as the old black and white George Reeves reruns of the original Superman.

Up, up and away indeed.

Supergirl airs Mondays on CW. Tune in and stay up to date with this show, as a big crossover with The Flash and Arrow is on the cards this year.


Author: Mike's Film Talk

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2 thoughts on “Supergirl: Season Two Premiere – Happy Smiling Faces (Review)”

  1. Hi Mike

    Fantastic review.

    I loved the Batman versus Superman film in the cinema.

    Keep up the great reviewing and all the work you do.

    Thanks for your continued support.


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