Patient 62 (2016): Sci-Fi Fun Thriller (Review)

Patient 62 screen shot

Written and co-directed by Rick Anthony (Bryce Schlamp also sat in the director’s chair and had a cameo as Lucas’ boss in the film) Patient 62 is a thriller and action film with a science fiction theme. Cast entirely with unknown performers (who nonetheless acquit themselves rather well despite their “lack of experience.”) the film is an entertaining romp set firmly in the ‘b’ film tradition of low budget thrills and spills. 

The film was shot over a three year period and is, according to Anthony a “micro budget” feature.  Regardless of the low/no budget Patient 62 is fun, amusing in the right places and boasts some pretty impressive FX for such  small budget.

Lucas Chance is bartending when his sister goes missing. Her ex-boyfriend Dennis begs Lucas to get him a gig at the bar playing mixes and later aids the bartender in hunting down Angela.

As the investigation progresses, Lucas discovers a broken vial of a blue substance. The glass cuts his hand and the blue fluid gets into his bloodstream. Suddenly Lucas can move things telekinetically. If he does too much Lucas passes out and when he does, he shares consciousness with his missing sister.

The film has a full roster of characters that includes strippers/pole dancers, a pretty impressive shootout in a club, some telekinesis that convinces and some agreeable humor. (As well as the black sort of humor that is timed just right for maximum effect.)

The blue fluid is just so much scientific hugger mugger where an experiment funded by the government and a number of shadowy organizations changes a person’s DNA.  It is an excellent device that does not bear looking at too closely.

Altered DNA or genes are merely the device that moves the film forward in terms of Lucas’ search for his sister.  It does become important later on, but again, as a device to enhance the climax of the film.

Anthony edits the film rather skillfully to cover up that lack of budget and it works well. The slightly comic explosion after Lucas consumes more “Beaver Buzz” than he needs is a good example of this.

Wagner does well as the grounded hero thrust into new territory.  Mozylisky is spot on as Twitch, a character that feels a tad “Willow” from the Buffy verse. Not in terms of magic, but with the moxie and knowledge the gun shop owner has.

LaPointe gave good bad guy and he delivered his more comic lines perfectly.

“I don’t care how loudly you say it, I still don’t know that means.”

Valdez also did well as the ex boyfriend sidekick.

Patient 62 has the right amount of violence and humor.  Considering that this was Rick Anthony’s first time in the director’s chair and his second project as writer, the movie  indicates that this filmmaker bears watching.

All in all this was a solid 4 star film. Patient 62 was completely evocative of those old ‘B’ films that filled out the main feature at the drive-in. These “secondary” features were, more often than not, better than the ‘A’ headliner.

Rick Anthony has made a film that is fun to watch and it entertains thoroughly.  This is well worth watching. There is some very brief nudity and the violence is not visceral in nature. At 81 minutes,  the film moves at a good pace and never drags.

Check out the teaser trailer below.


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