Narcos: Los Pepes – Christmas (Review)

Netflix Narcos

Los Pepes are piling the pressure on Pablo Escobar. His men are dying daily on the streets of Medellin and the death squad are beating Martinez and the DEA to the punch constantly.  Murphy does not know that Peña is giving information to the Castaño brothers. It is Christmas and Escobar is being hammered on all sides.

Pablo’s men are being strung up all over town like perverted Christmas decorations. Martinez complains to the president after  Los Pepes, aka the Castaño’s,  disarm and almost shoot his son.  The president refuses to act against Los Pepes as he sees their interference as a good thing.

Murphy learns that his partner it talking to Los Pepes and things in the Escobar home are getting tense. Pablo’s mother wants to go to church and Tata’s brother Carlos  wants her to leave the country with the kids.

Meanwhile Pablo moves against the Cali cartel. He knows that Judy Moncada is working with Rodriguez and the  Castaño brothers to take him out.  He blows up a wedding ceremony that the Cali cartel are attending in retaliation for the Los Pepes murdering all his men.

The head of the Cali cartel insists that anyone connected to Escobar be killed.


Carlos urges Pablo to send his sister and the kids away.  Escobar refuses.

Escobar’s mother attends mass, despite his telling her not to. While she is in the church, the government officials and the embassy staff attend a Christmas party.

Pablo’s mother is followed back to the compound from the church.

At the party the ambassador agrees to ignore Los Pepes if the President will. The understanding is that when Escobar is taken down,  they can then target the death squad. Bill Stechner; the CIA man, has a getting to know you talk with Claudia Messina (Florencia Lozano).

The noose that was tightening around Pablo Escobar’s neck last week is now yanked tight. As soon as his mother returns from the church service the house comes under fire from Los Pepes.

Tata, grandma and the children are taken out of the house as Pablo’s compound is shot to pieces and his men slaughtered. Escobar and Carlos run for the car and Tata’s brother is shot dead.

The Escobar’s make it to a safe house.  Pablo swears to fight and sends Limon and La Quica for wood and food.

Peña learns that another bloody Christmas gift has been handed out by Los Pepes. Blackie and his pregnant girl friend are murdered by the death squad along with the rest of her family.

Pablo changes his mind about sending Tata out of the country. After the attack he realizes how vulnerable they are in the face of all that opposition.

This episode  brings Escobar that bit closer to being taken down. His men have been slaughtered on the streets and in his own home. The cartel boss continues to believe that he can survive this onslaught and will not give up.

Narcos is streaming on Netflix right now and all 10 episodes can be watched if the viewer so desires. There are four installments left so it will not be too long before Pablo dies.


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