Longmire: Judas Wolf – Feint (Recap/Review)

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Longmire “Judas Wolf” has a medical slant to it.  At the start of the episode Walt is having a checkup and a pharmaceutical CEO  is hunting turkeys.  A young reservation lad’s father overdoses leaving him an orphan and Cady refuses to handle Walt’s civil case.

Mathias tells Henry that the man who overdosed bought drugs from Joey Takoda  and he wants Hector to pay the drug dealer a visit. Henry refuses saying that Hector is not Batman.  He cannot solve all of society’s ills. Mathias is frustrated as he has arrested Takoda before.

Henry asks Cady to help him foster parent a Cheyenne boy.  He clearly means to look after Mingan now that his dad is dead.

The CEO goes missing, along with his sycophantic right hand man and As Vic and Walt search for the men, Walt finds the assistant Pinkie with a tracking device around his neck and taped to a tree. Longmire also finds a note referencing the CEO; Dan Keslow, murdering endangered wolves.

It appears that the unpopular CEO has been kidnapped.

Mingan is obviously depressed about his father’s death and Henry tries to motivate the youngster. He gives the boy his medicine bag.

Pinkie is sent to the hospital and Omar, the  hunting guide who took the party out,  continues to hunt for Keslow.  Walt and Vic question Pyper Callans an animal rights activist.

She explains how Keslow used a “Judas wolf” to kill out the pack of endangered wolves. The animal is fitted with a tracking device leading the hunter to its pack. All the creatures are then killed except for the Judas wolf who then leads the hunter to another pack as it tries to find a new home.

Callans becomes a suspect, as does Cara Fillmore (Shannon Lucio). Cara sends the missing man a dead guinea pig through the mail. She participated in a drug trial 10 years previously and it left her with side effects. 

Fillmore  tried suing Keslow but the case was thrown out of court.  Her side effect resulted in her baby being born premature and with serious birth defects.

As Longmire gathers more clues and follows more leads, Pinkie also becomes a suspect. It turns out that Dan Keslow’s “yes man” was having an affair with his boss’s wife.  As Walt, Vic and Ferg question Pinkie they realize that he could not have kidnapped the CEO.

Mingan hangs himself. Mathias finds the boy and apparently calls Henry.  As Henry  drives up, the reservation policeman is on his knees crying.  At first Henry does not see Mingan. When he sees the boy, he runs over and grabs him by the legs calling for Mathias to help him.

Both men are devastated. As a result Henry decides that Hector will pay Takoda a visit after all.

Longmire gets a visit from the lawyer that Cady suggested he call about the civil suit.  He gives the man his file on Barlow Connelly.

After Walt’s questioning of Pinkie the man suggests that Dan kidnapped himself and “is sitting up at his cabin laughing at me right now.” Walt and Ferg head up to Keslow’s home and find him in bed.

The two men wake Dan up and he is disoriented and confused. They find a bandage on his torso and Keslow rips it off to find he has been “stabbed.”

At the hospital they learn the CEO was not stabbed but had his kidney removed.  Walt works out that Jenk, Dan’s friend and colleague took the kidney with the help of his son. Keslow signs a form giving consent after the fact. The animal rights kidnapping was a feint, it was always about the kidney.

Walt decides to fight the civil suit using the lawyer that Cady suggested.

Hector does visit Takoda and he takes his heroin.  Henry/Hector then   burns it  in front of the man. The drug dealer says his suppliers will kill him and Hector tells him to “Burn in Hell.”

“Judas Wolf” was a bit of a tear-jerker.  Between the Cheyenne boy killing himself and the woman’s premature son, this episode had more than its fair share of tragedy.

The mystery of who took Dan Keslow was not quite on par with the previous episode’s murder but it came close. The motive for the kidnapping was pretty outside the box;  a variation on organ harvesting that played out on a very  personal level.

Cady refusing to take her father’s case was interesting and it really does feel like she is choosing Jacob Nighthorse over Walt.  This will clearly cause problems later on. Obviously this does go back to her working for Nighthorse in spite of her father’s feelings about Jacob.

Officer Mathias breaking down and shooting the tree felt quite out of character but his level of frustration was very high. It will be interesting to see where his and Henry’s partnership ends up after this tragedy.

A common theme in this episode was the suggestion that Walt should retire.  Whether this is a possibility or a way of leaving Robert Taylor a way out remains to be seen.

It is interesting to note that Jacob Nighthorse still comes across as the bad guy. It is his casino checks that have inadvertently caused five overdoses on the reservation. Jacob seems doomed to have the finger of blame always pointing at him.

Kudos to the cast and Zahn McClarnon who knocked it out of the park in this episode.

There have been complaints about the characters in this season. Claims that they are not acting true to form. What do you think? Are they different or are the storylines making them deviate from their normal patterns?

Longmire is streaming on Netflix right now and all 10 episodes can be watched in one, or two, sittings.


Guest starring  David Burke as Dan Keslow, Chris Conner as Ted “Pinkie” Sarton, Debra Christofferson as Pyper Callans,  Louis Herthum as Omar, Peter Jason as Abel “Jenk” Jenkins and Jovani Heng as Mingan Pine.

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