Chelsea: Krysten Ritter Spills the Beans on Jessica Jones Season Two

Chelsea Handler

On Friday’s Chelsea, Krysten Ritter made one of those gaffes where she almost gave out too much information.  On the episode, that Chelsea dubbed “Bada** B*tch Day,” Ritter came out to talk about the Marvel character she played in the first season of Jessica Jones.

Before the verbal slip, Jones and Chelsea talked about traveling together with a Netflix promotional tour.  She also mentioned how much she liked working on the Marvel show.

Chelsea and Krysten talked about how Netflix is not releasing any information about a new season of Jessica Jones.

The subject of knitting then came up; Ritter’s new pastime on set and she almost says what she is working on right now.

At this point, she stopped and said, to herself, “I’m so fired.”

However, the clues are that her very appearance on Chelsea is a big hint in itself. Artists come on the show to plug their latest bit of work, or upcoming releases. So fans of the series can almost breathe a sigh of relief as it looks like Jessica Jones is indeed coming back.

Chelsea started the episode talking about the creepy clown epidemic.  (Coincidentally the show ends with a creepy clown lurking behind a potted plant on the Netflix stage.) The highlight of this opener was a picture of Donald Trump with a red nose. Chelsea called the presidential candidate an “A** Clown.”

Next up were documentary filmmakers Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst. They produced the Amanda Knox documentary that is streaming on Netflix currently.

Chelsea had seen the documentary and clearly  felt strongly about what she saw as injustices in the Italian legal system. She also expressed a lot of disdain for the lead prosecutor in the case, Giuliano Mignini.

Both McGinn and Blackhurst spoke about the prosecutor and about the case. They also explained that things were not quite as they seemed as both Mignini and Knox  as each were seeing things differently.

Part of the aim of the documentary was to show the loss of privacy in prison and how this affected not only Knox but the many trials she underwent  as well.  Knox agreed to participate in the film, after initially saying no, and according to the filmmakers the Italian participants did the same.

Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, was the last guest. She and Chelsea spoke of her time on Dancing With the Stars and the cabaret act that Willis has started promoting.

There was also some conversation about being the kid of famous parents and Willis revealed that she had been told that Chelsea was a “b*tch.”

The actress also talked about her stance against photoshopping pictures and explained how detrimental the practice of altering images really is to young women.

Chelsea also did a pre-recorded segment where she learned to objectively view art. It was a class  established to teach law enforcement and medical personnel how to objectively read a situation. As usual, Chelsea ended up confusing the lecturer.

There was also another segment with female powerhouse lawyer Laura Wasser.

The female guests on the show appeared in jeans and a red blouse; Krysten and a diaphanous green dress; Rumer. Both women  came across as strong and positive role models who completely sold Chelsea’s self titled  segment of “Bad A** B*tch Day.”

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.


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