Blindspot: If Beth – Burned (Recap/Review)

Blindspot - Season 2

Blindspot “If Beth” sees Patterson almost become a collateral casualty. It also uncovers a burned CIA agent and a Homeland Security employee playing both sides of the street. Reade is having major issues with those missing blocks of time and Jane gets a history lesson.

The main plot of the episode deals with a what the team believe is a terrorist going after artworks in a very public exhibit. This storyline allows  Jane and the team to get dolled up and go undercover.

At the exhibit, Patterson uses the software developed by rogue Homeland Security agent Bo Kaier to find what turns out to be an assassin.  The woman, Elizabeth Gubara kills two people and leaves the art show to kill another.

There is an impressive fight between Gubara and Jane and  at one point the two even use Asian swords. Jane actually meets her match, although Gubara does use a flashbang to get away.

The filming of the fight scene felt almost 3D in its  approach and it added a certain depth to the choreography and the action.  Director Jeff King managed to make the fight quite different.  

Reade is suffering from those lost memories and it starts to affect his work. He roughs up two suspects, the first being Bo Kaier who he puts in the hospital.

Jane is taken to Lake Aurora by Roman. The place was polluted back in the 1960’s and he tells his sister that the government knew and ignored it.  The damage from the lake continues to take a toll on those who lived there.  Roman suggests that Sandstorm needs Jane to be “angry again.”

Freddy, Reade’s friend who was molested by Coach Jones, stays with the FBI agent for a short while. Zapata stops by and tells Freddy he needs to work his issued out somewhere else.

Later in the episode Jane learns that Shepard’s family all died from exposure to Lake Aurora. This portion of the plot clearly owes much to Flint Michigan.

After Zapata chases Freddie out of  Reade’s place, she calls her partner. Reade does not respond as he is watching Coach Jones return home. Weller, on top of coming to grips with being a father, learns that Sandstorm has been watching him for 20 years.

There is still a lot of things going on under the surface in this episode of Blindspot. Shepard plays the tragedy card with Jane but when she tells of her own personal loss from the polluted lake, she is dry-eyed in that emotional moment with her daughter.

Zapata tries to help out her partner by getting rid of Reade’s houseguest. Later, she goes to see Bo Kaier, aka Shadowcat, and she tells the injured man she has a job for him.

It is ironic that the CIA have cropped back up in the show again.  It seems that Jane cannot get away from the agency.  There was no mention of the mole this week.

Reade looks ready to take in Coach Jones and it is a certainty that he will not thank Zapata for chasing off Freddy. The most revealing part of the episode dealt with Jane telling Weller that she feels very alone.  It is all too easy to see this feeling intensifying  as time goes on.

Blindspot airs Wednesdays on NBC.


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