The Mindy Project: Season Five – Decision 2016 (Recap/Review)

Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahari

The Mindy Project has reached its fifth season and episode one “Decision 2016” is a great start and it follows the season four finale.  After spending the night in the broken down elevator at Leo’s school, and having sex, Mindy is now confused about what she should do.

After Jody scuppered his chances with Mindy because of his unmentioned chlamydia he bought the apartment above hers as a present.  This episode opens with her reaction to both the new addition to her flat and Jody’s gesture.

She refers to him as a lumberjack who would star in porn. However Mindy does not go over the top thanking Jody for the present. In other words flinging herself into Jody’s arms is not an option of expressing gratitude.

As she goes back downstairs she ponders which man she should choose, Jody or Danny.  She spies Danny’s wedding invitation in the stack of mail on her desk and gets upset.

Mindy rushes over to Danny’s apartment and they talk. The conversation does not end overly well as it looks like he still wants to marry Sarah. There is some room for doubt however and Mindy leaves slightly optimistic about her chances.

Later she lies to her colleagues and tells them she was in Miami for the weekend. Satisfied that her alibi is set she starts her day.  The principal of Leo’s school calls the office and tells Tamra, who is desperate to ignore  Jeremy, about the elevator breaking down and that the school is not liable.

Collette and Tamra head over to the school spouting off about lawsuits. They demand to see the CCTV footage. After hours of being bored, they are about to give up when they see Mindy and Danny messing around. Colette is horrified.

Dr. Lahiri discovers that Danny’s fiancé was her patient, under another name and she confronts Jeremy and Morgan about not telling her. They also knew about Danny’s engagement and never said anything.

Mindy’s secret has been exposed and Jody takes it quite well. He even stops the rest of her colleagues from “slut shaming” her.  Mindy and Danny talk and he reveals that despite still loving Mindy he is going to marry Sarah.

Beverly, who comes in to get a loan application for a boat signed by Mindy, suggests that she not pick either Danny or Jody.  She suggests avoiding a  a decision altogether and just be by herself for awhile.

Mindy goes to see Jody and tells him that she did not choose Danny. He gets quite excited but his enthusiasm is short-lived when Mindy reveals she has not chosen him either.

“Can’t we still be friends,” asks Mindy.  Jody replies that “No, we cannot be friends.” He then lists all the ways she never acted like a friend.  Mindy leaves and as she exits Jody’s building she starts to smile.

Jody then shouts at her from the balcony and screams out for everyone to avoid her as he throws what looks like walnut shells at her as she crosses the street.

The Mindy Project is just plain fun.  I love the character of Mindy Lahiri and her amusing viewpoints about dating, sex, life and work.  Her entire interaction with Danny at his place was truly hysterical and it included the funniest line of the episode.

“Stop being sexy. Hindu Gods do not like adultery and I want be reincarnated as something cool like a ladybug or a race car.”

Mindy Kaling just kills it in this show, as well she should, she is the star, co-writer and creator of the series.  It will be interesting to see what her character does now that she has “ditched” both Jody and Danny.

The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays on Hulu.  Stop by and  give yourself a “Mindy” treat.


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