Secrets and Lies: The Husband – Repeat Offender (Recap/Review)


Secrets and Lies  this week reveals more about the murdered woman. In “The Husband” Cornell questions whether Eric is a repeat offender when it comes to murder. His sister Amanda “Mandy” actually points out that the detective put one innocent man in jail, Ben Crawford, and that she should not be a repeat offender in terms of her brother.

Eric learns more about Kate. She withdrew $100 thousand from his savings account. Also, the baby she had before meeting him was put up for adoption when she was 16.

All this gets to the grieving widower and he searches their apartment looking for evidence of even more secrets. Later in the episode his sister tells him to look in the bathroom.

They find a blackmail letter and a DNA report.

The company is struggling as clients demand to know what is going on. John Warner has been answering their questions and Eric takes over. He calls everyone on the list and explains what is going on.

On the way into work, he finds his best friend and co-worker Neil being worked over by a stocky blond man. Eric intervenes and the man runs off. Eric gives chase but is stopped by reporters in front of the building.

Later, Cornell talks to the men about the attack and Neil swears he has no idea who the man was. In fact, Oliver is not helpful at all as the detective tries to learn more. She produces a photofit of the assailant and Neil says nothing. It is Eric who confirms that this was the man who beat up his friend.

Eric is angry with Neil for lying and he tells him to leave.

John Warner gives his son the baby’s birth certificate. The one that Kate gave up for adoption. It is intended to give Eric some piece of mind.

After Mandy drops by and they discover the secrets in the bathroom, Eric wants to take the note and the DNA report to Cornell. It explains the 100K that Kate withdrew and he believes the report will lead to her murderer.


Amanda advises against it. She tells Eric that Cornell is convinced that he killed his wife. She firmly believes that the biased detective will take it as an attempt to distract Cornell from his own guilt.

Eric ignores her pleas and heads off to see Cornell. His father, already at the police station, stops him. John explains that Cornell sees Eric as the only suspect. As the two men stand talking the detective comes out of an elevator with an old girlfriend of Eric’s.

He changes his mind,  keeps the letter and report and asks Cornell about the secret post office box of Kate’s.

Kate’s assistant, Liam Connors, has not returned to work. His phone goes to voicemail and as he was a friend of Kate’s Eric gets his address and goes to check on him personally.

Outside the man’s apartment Eric discovers the door has been forced open and  there are sounds coming from inside the flat.  As he starts to call the police, the man who attacked Neil opens the apartment door.

So far Secrets and Lies is piling on the pressure. Eric Warner is being torn apart with all the things he has learned about his dead wife.  On top of losing her and their unborn child, there are Cornell’s allegations and her bringing up his juvenile murder conviction.  All this is driving him to distraction.

Incidentally, what Cornell is doing with the juvenile records is actually illegal and this may cause her problems later on.

Mandy bringing up Ben Crawford’s conviction, from last season, and his subsequent death in prison is disturbing. Eric may well suffer the same fate if Cornell has her way.

The news about Crawford reveals a lot about Cornell. She has a definite attitude, aka a chip on her shoulder and it shows.

Eric may be the innocent party here, after all Kate was meeting with her old boyfriend prior to her death.  Was he her baby’s father? Or, was he the blackmailer?

The former boyfriend has obviously been questioned as Cornell knew all about the visit. The mystery is deepening and it will be interesting to see who the blond man is and why he was in Liam Connors’ apartment.

Secrets and Lies airs Sundays on ABC. Tune in and see what poor Eric learns next.


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