Narcos: The Enemies of My Enemy – The Noose Gets Tighter (Recap/Review)

Netflix Narcos

Carrillo’s death only marginally slows things down in Narcos. In “Enemies of My Enemy” Peña strikes up a reluctant allegiance with Judy Moncada and the Castaño brothers. She offers up Maritza, the girl that Limon used to set up the colonel as a welcoming gift.

Javi visits the young woman and she tells him she was set up.  Pablo Escobar has ruined her life and Maritza asks for help.

Murphy offers condolences to Carrillo’s widow and lies to her about the atrocities her husband committed.

The president wastes no time getting in a replacement for Carrillo.  Colonel Hugo Martinez is forced to volunteer after his son, who recently graduated from the police academy, joined Search Bloc.  The colonel takes the assignment to help protect his son.

Pablo brings down Tata’s brother Carlos for an extended visit.  She makes a meal to celebrate and Escobar takes a walk with his brother-in-law.  Pablo tells Carlos that he is ready to get back to work and make some serious money.

Viewers are introduced to Pablo’s money launderer; Lion (played by Jon-Michael Ecker who is currently in Queen of the South in a similar role). He  is the man who gets Escobar’s money back into the country. Maritza meets with Limon who tells her there is little he can do to help her. 

The vist is a setup, Javi and Trujillo (Jorge Monterrosa) are watching Limon. They follow the cab driver to one of Pablo’s safe houses and learn that Velasco is there. Javi tries to get permission to enter the facility but is denied. 

He then calls the Castaño brothers.  Javi is afraid that red tape will  allow the criminal to escape.  The brother’s arrive and the team splits up.   They breach the house and kill almost everyone in the building while chasing down their suspect.

Velasco almost gets away but Berna and one of the brother’s heads him off. Later Velasco is tortured for information about Pablo but instead gives up three of Escobar’s accountants.  Judy realizes this is the way to defeat Pablo. They must take away his money. “No money, no army,” says Moncada.

She calls Rodriguez and tells him that Lion was due to be met by Velasco at the airport. Escobar’s money man meets the Cali cartel instead. Lion later tells Blackie that since Velasco never showed up, he got scared and returned to Miami.

Carlos tries to talk his sister into leaving the country with the kids and Martinez shows his son just what Pablo Escobar is all about.

Murphy’s visit with his wife ends all too son and the new Search Bloc leader is instigating grid searches.  Peña is not impressed but Murphy thinks they need to give this a chance.

Berna lies to Javi about the information they got from Velasco. Peña lays down the rules of the game; armed opponents are the only people to be killed or attacked.

The Castaño brother’s begin taking down Pablo Escobar’s men at a rapid rate. There are shootouts in the street and drug dealers are being killed off already.

Medellin is turned into a battlefield. Five of Pablo’s men are killed in one night and they have no idea who is responsible.

The authorities find Velasco’s dead body hanging from a  pole with a placard attached to it. It is signed by Los Pepes.  “Who the hell,” asks Murphy, “is Los Pepes.”

Peña knows but he will not be saying anything to his partner.  The metaphorical noose around Pablo’s neck is tightening as his enemies gang up to take him down.

Narcos is streaming on Netflix and all 10 episodes are on offer. There are five episodes left in this season. Head over and watch this fascinating bio-drama.


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