Rosewood: Secrets and Silent Killers (Review)


Rosewood this week reveals the issue between Slade and Hornstock. It also uncovers a few secrets about Eddie; Villa’s murdered husband, and a silent killer strikes.

The first episode of season two finally introduced Donna’s secret, Gerald.  A man convicted of murder who claims he is innocent.  Rosie’s mother decides to fight his cause. It looks, however, like Gerald may not be so innocent after all.

Rosewood “murder of the week” was Danny Williams. A hardware clerk who is killed after attending a bachelor party.  Team Magic City believe the victim is forcefully overdosed. Later TMI gets conflicting blood work results and calls Pippy.

As they work on cause of death it is revealed that Williams is really Connor Thorne. Thorne was an embezzler who took millions from other people and then “died.”

Rosie’s little sister comes up with the cause of death after TMI calls. Pippy also reveals that she listened to TMI’s message more than once.

Slade is pushing Hornstock into increasingly demeaning jobs. Ira believes it is because of his dyslexia.  Villa confronts the new captain and learns that it goes back to Hornstock turning himself in to Internal Affairs.  Slade does not yet trust Ira to be a member of his  team.

Villa also learns that her dead husband may not have been what he seemed. She finds hidden money and a digital camera in an old suitcase.  Annalise suffers a mini meltdown and goes to see Rosie.

Even though Pippy is missing from the day to day workings at Magic City, Mitchie and TMI are working well together.  Pippy’s expertise is still missed however and with her short visit to the lab, it looks like she may be on the road back.


The method of murder may have been worked out (nitrogen in a bag placed over the victim’s head) but there are a number of suspects to work through.

Williams’ neighbor was blackmailing him and has the hots for the dead man’s wife. Troy, however, did not kill Williams.  Suspicion then moves to a gorgeous female doctor or members of the dead man’s Narcotics Anonymous group.

Finally the list narrows down to one person. Jenny Williams, the dead man’s wife.  As Villa questions the woman, Ira Hornstock comes in with more information. Jenny, it seems, is the daughter of a man who committed suicide when Williams/Thorne took all his money.

The show ends with Donna having to tell Rosie about Gerald.  Mitchie and TMI were going to tell Rosewood if she did not. Rosie visits the convicted murderer  in prison and asks why a serial killer approached his mother.

Rosewood “Secrets and Silent Killers” was all about trust, being the member of a team and how secrets change how we feel about a person.   Watching the interaction between Slade and Ira it will be interesting to see what secrets the new captain is hiding.

Eddie’s secret, which so upset Villa at first, has now become her focus.  Rosie has set things in motion to have the body exhumed and Annalise is ready to move forward with their investigation.


Rather annoyingly, it was too easy to guess who the killer was this week.  Normally, each episode has enough going on that the viewer is pleasantly surprised.

Still, armchair detective victory aside, this continues to be an entertaining show with characters that are easy to connect with.   The cast all have an amazing chemistry together  and Ciboria is a good fit as the new and slightly different captain.

Rosewood airs Thursdays on FOX. Tune in to learn Eddie’s secret and whether the new captain has one or not.


Guest starring  Tate Ellington as Troy Randolph, Nishi Munshi as Jenny Williams, Robert Wisdom as Gerald Kelly and Andy Favreau as Danny Williams/Connor Thorne.

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