Dr Ken: Ken and Allison Share a Patient – Punt (Review)


Last week’s episode of Dr. Ken saw Allison make a career change and start working with Ken at Welltopia. Now reality has checked in at the care facility and the new Dr. Park is already making her mark.

At first things go very well, Damona will arrange Allison’s appointments and Dr. Park heads off to her new office. As she leaves Pat makes an announcement;  he has a new girlfriend.

A problematic patient causes the first rift between the Parks as Ken sends Mr. Davis to Allison for a psychiatric consult.  She finds nothing wrong and send him back.

Allison then tells Ken to “dig deeper.”

This goes over like a proverbial lead balloon and Ken attempts to go around Allison by sending Davis to another psychiatrist for a second opinion.  The couple declare war although hilariously when Allison suggests a consult between the two, Ken thinks she wants to “mess around.”

Ken: “Well, I am really mad at you right now, but…”

At the Park home, Molly asks if her parents are still married and Dave starts middle school.  D.K. makes himself useful by cooking and coaching the youngest Park on making friends.

Despite Dave’s over optimistic view that middle school will be the place where “everyone is friendly.” He only connects with the school librarian who tells him to “shush.”

D.K. helping out with the kids.

D.K. tells Dave of an old Korean folk tale about an emperor with no friends. The man is given a magic  owl feather and suddenly the ruler has lots of friends.  Dave decides to give the feather a go and is excited that it  is also a fashion accessory.

At Welltopia Pat continues his spiel about “Cheryl” (his new girlfriend) in an effort to spark some interest from Damona.  However she really has met someone else and Pat’s plan goes pear shaped.  Clark offers advice and Pat struggles to maintain his cool.

Later Damona and Pat have a heartfelt chat and the administrator admits he misses her friendship.

Dave uses the feather for one day and gets a ton of new friends. Molly is impressed.  At the hospital, Allison and Ken get into a “punt” battle as they try to pass Mr. Davis back to one another.

Ken infuriates his wife by using the game show “wrong answer” buzzer noise to interrupt her during their argument.  Later Allison does the same to Ken as they argue about what is wrong with Ken’s patient.  Accusations of disrespect are made.


Finally Allison and Ken speak  with Mr. Davis together. Initially the dual consult turns into a “punt” battle. Then the patient reveals new details about his condition. This leads to a diagnosis and a high five moment between Ken and Allison.

At the Park home Molly asks D.K. what will happen if Dave loses the feather.  Her grandfather assures her that this will not be a problem. “This is not my first rodeo, you know,” D.K. says.

Ken then rushes into the kitchen.  He is looking for his magic pen. Ken finds it and and says, “This was once used by an emperor you know.”

This episode is going to be hard to beat in terms of laughs per minute.  Everyone was on their “A” game and the storyline was hysterically funny.

Standout Moments:

Molly’s “unsubscribe.”

Dana Lee’s Dumbo trick with Dave.

Dave’s “detective hat.”

Molly, again, “Wow you really are the funny one in America.”

Allison and Ken’s  game show buzzer battle “Annh!”

Punt and punt-mate.

Pat’s make believe girlfriend and tapas.

Dana Lee, again, and “double standard.”

Damona and Clark’s reaction to Allison’s challenging Ken, “Oh no she didn’t…”

Pat’s face as he eats the “room temperature fruit.”

Allison’s reaction to Pat’s telling her that his news involves her too.

Pat and Damona’s talk about being friends.

Pat and Damona

Dana Lee just killed it in this episode and he is a welcome addition as a more visible regular.  Suzy Nakamura has managed to become even stronger as a character and this episode gave both her and Ken Jeong the funniest “battle” yet.

(On a sidenote, the “annh” game show buzzer bit had me in hysterics.)

Krista Marie Yu has perfected that look and the interaction between Albert Tsai, Krista and Dana Lee was almost perfect.

This season has proven to be even better than the first.  Dr. Ken continues to be the best thing about Friday nights on television.

Tune in and watch this family comedy.  It will be good exercise for your funny bone.


Guest starring  David Lengel as Mr. Davis

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