Son of Zorn: Defender of Teen Love (Recap/Review)


Son of Zorn continues delivering laughs and this could easily become one of the funniest shows on television.  “Defender of Teen Love” sees Zorn trying to help Alan out with Nancy, a girl that his son fancies.

Alan has his work cut out for him as Nancy saw Zorn kill the giant bird last week. It does not help that this week she sees Zorn acting weirdly. (He pretends to be kissing someone in the garage.)

Zorn managest to be even funnier this week.  “Elfish, waifish, Asian maiden,” is truly hysterical. All the more when Zorn tries to say it three times.

At the start of the episode, Zorn is going through his boxes stored in Edie’s garage. Craig, her fiancee, needs the boxes moved so he can wall mount their “his and hers” bikes.  Zorn finds the notion of riding bikes as a couple funny.

Zorn picks on Craig telling his ex-wife’s fiancee that he and Edie used to have tantric sex for “months at a time.”  Instead of moving the boxes out of the garage, he is going through each one. Zorn finds the “Stone of Sight” and his old Gameboy.

After messing things up for Alan with Nancy, Zorn uses the Stone of Sight to stalk the teen girl. He passes all the things he learns about Nancy  on to Alan to help him out. The boy is initially not overly pleased by the prospect of his dad watching Nancy.


Using the information provided by his dad, however, Alan starts making great progress wth Nancy. When Edie discovers that Zorn is using the Stone of Sight, she confiscates the thing and puts it in Craig’s safe.

(She learns about the stone when Zorn reveals he spied on her in the shower.)

At work Zorn is told if he does not make a sale he will be fired.  Desperate,  Zorn asks Todd the easiest way to make a sale. Meanwhile Alan is doing very well with Nancy.

After Edie takes the Stone of Sight Zorn has to spy on Nancy physically and is discovered watching the girl by her father.  The romance fizzles out before it gets started when Zorn learns that Nancy has a boyfriend.

Like last week’s episode the character of Zorn is hysterically funny.  The writing in the show is spot on.  For example the contrast of mild mannered Craig and over the top Zorn is brilliant.


When Edie puts the stone in Craig’s safe, Zorn begins trying to crack the code. “0-0-0-1, 0-0-0-2…” Later Alan uses the stone and Zorn asks how he got it, the boy reveals that the code to the safe is 0-0-0-6.

The formula of live action and an animated character is still working.  How can one not love a character that says “vajiba” for vagina and “pebis” for penis?

“Defender of Teen Love” manages to be hysterically funny while all the other characters, apart from Zorn, play it straight.

Son of Zorn airs Mondays on NBC.


Guest starring Alice Lee as Nancy

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