Scream Queens: Warts and All – The Hand and Hannibal Lector (Review)


Scream Queens in “Warts and All” gives continued nods and winks to various horror and science fiction themes.  Episode one started things off with The Hand and Swamp Thing, although this “thing” is not a hero by any means.  (Speaking of “things” did anyone else notice how much the wart guy’s makeup resembled The Fantastic Four‘s Ben Grimm as “The Thing?”)

This week pulls in more  homages and downright parodies like, for example,  The Silence of the Lambs with Hester as Hannibal Lector. “Quid Pro Quo, Chanel…”

This episode also marks the return of Chad Radwell, who brings his friend Randall to the hospital.  Randall shot Liz Cheney (eldest daughter of VP Dick Cheney) in the face and it has clearly traumatized the young man. He screams at the slightest provocation.

Randall’s ailment was the funniest bit of the episode, followed closely by Dean Munsch’s battle with the plant monster, aka the Green Meanie. The whole paper towel as a weapon bit  was hysterical. The pay off to this funny battle was the killer’s escape and Munsch’s frustration at being interrupted before she could unmask the murderer.

Radwell returns to find that not only has Chanel moved on, but she has let the doctor grope her breast.  Chad takes this as a direct challenge and starts trying to intimidate Holt into backing off.

(On a sidenote: Chad’s entry as the murderous red devil from season one was very funny.)

The “homo-erotic” scene in the showers proves that Radwell has lost none of his weird affectations and off-the-wall gestures.

Disease of the week for Scream Queens is Tyler’s wart infestation.  (We just made another film connection: Beauty and the Beast.  Chanel #5 and Tyler are obviously meant to be this “Disney-esque”  couple, despite Haynes’ character looking like Ben Grimm.)

Like poor werewolf girl last week; Katherine, Tyler was doomed the moment he checked into CURE.  He has laser surgery, as promised, but it is the wrong type and he dies. Poor Chanel #5 and her vaginal teeth are going to be lonely for a while longer.

The reason for Munsch’s opening of the hospital is revealed this week. New Guinea brunch anyone?  The dean ate some diseased brains at a wake in the cannibal capitol of the world and now had an incurable disease. Not only does it replicate menopause, or the flu,  but it (Gasp.) changes your gait.

Oh dear Lord!

It seems clear that the dean has a craving for that delectable dish, asking ZayDay if she knows of a New Guinea restaurant nearby. It looks like the head of CURE may be craving brains and we all know what that a leads to.

Williams has teamed up with Chamberlain to discover the dean’s medical issue and  a mass murder, aka massacre. Years previously of all the hospital staff in CURE.

Another nice touch is that ’80s music in the soundtrack. The murders all too place in 1985 and 86.  Not too mention the choice of songs is spot on.

(Sidenote: So long Jerry O’Connell.  The actor has been playing some interesting roles lately, and it was a shame to see him dispatched so soon.)

Rather interestingly, this season introduced a police detective almost as annoying as Denise Hemphill, who also returned to Scream Queens this week.  It has to be said that the show has not been right without this annoying character.

Some random observations:

Loving the three giant pills, capsules, on Munsch’s desk.

The Chanel’s (Oberlin and #3) “saving” Tyler just to spite #5 was execellent.

Chanel Oberlin and Tyler

Kirstie Alley. Whether she is popping up in the basement or hiding medication in her bra, this woman is so funny as Nurse Hoffel. More please.

The  bucket and towel treatment for Randall was just perfect.

It took a moment, but after the two Chanel’s picking on #5 about  her lack of touching or being touched;  it turns out that she has not had relations since the death of the twins.

The most obvious suspect thus far is Chamberlin, he is the only cast member as big as the “Green Meanie.”

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays on FOX. Tune in and see if Munsch turns into a zombie (craving brains) or not.


Guest starring  Colton Haynes as Tyler

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