Agents of SHIELD: Meet the New Boss – Daisy and Ghost Rider (Recap/Review)


Agents of SHIELD “Meet the New Boss” allows Daisy to confront Ghost Rider Reyes again and once more she comes off second.  Melinda May has a major meltdown after coming in contact with Lucy and Phil gets firmly put in his “new” place.

We also meet the new director; Jeffery Mace, who in the comics was known as The Patriot, and he also wore the Captain America spandex for a time but had no special powers. In season four of Agents of SHIELD, Jeffery is now the new organization leader and an inhuman.

Daisy believes that Robbie Reyes is an inhuman but he is not, as Reyes keeps telling her.  As Quake and Ghost Rider have an uncomfortable tete a tete Fitz and Mack go to investigate the very place that Lucy and her “friends” came from.

Lucy  is blamed by Hugo and the others for their state because of the Darkhold.  (A book of evil magic that exists in the Marvel verse.) Considering that the tome was given to Dr. Strange to hold onto it seems pretty certain that this is season four’s blockbuster  tie-in.

The facility that Mack and Fitz are heading to, the same place that Daisy and the Ghost Rider  are also going to, is Momentum Alternative Energy Lab.  It is here that all those “ghosts” were created by the combined efforts of Lucy and “him.”

He, who is not named, could be Dr. Strange or someone else.  There is apparently a connection between Reyes and the lab as he decides to leave Daisy and head there the second the place is mentioned. Is this where Reyes sold his soul?

Back at SHIELD, the agents go through their daily routine and Phil is turned into a tour guide for a group of congressmen and women.  A somewhat insulting placement but one that Coulson agrees to.

The new boss, Mace, is charming, articulate and seems to be fairly straightforward.   It is interesting that, after the events in Captain America: Civil Waran inhuman was made the new leader of SHIELD.


As Mack and Fitz encounter the ghosts at the lab, and come off very badly, Reyes and Daisy arrive. Mack comes within a gnat’s whisker of being turned into a bigger, male, version of Lucy and her colleagues. Fitz is almost touched by Hugo but Reyes gets his “skull face on” and steps in.

Daisy lets Mack out as May fights her way through a score of agents back at SHIELD. Finally the new inhuman director intercedes and puts May down.  Until she is stopped, and taken away in a straightjacket, Melinda May takes out a lot of agents.

After Mace knocks her out, Mack is in danger of dying but Daisy releases him and Reyes burns the ghost thing to a cinder.  As he leaves, Mack starts to follow and Daisy stops him.

Mack gives her a splint for her fractured arm and promises to get her fixed. He then realizes that Yo-Yo has been giving her the special SHIELD meds for her bones. Mack is more than a little upset at Daisy’s actions.

Back at SHIELD, Mace explains to Phil that he will sort out Melinda May and Daisy.  Coulson is, for now, out of the loop.

Before the end credits roll, May is seen on a gurney and screaming for everyone to keep away from her.  Daisy teams up with Reyes who thinks that the odd things going on are connected to him.

So far season four is cracking on at a good pace and heading toward either a tie-in to the Dr. Strange film or a further move into supernatural territory.

The inclusion of Ghost Rider and his teaming up with Daisy looks full of possibilities over and above the main storyline.

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays on ABC.


Guest starring Lilli Birdsell as Lucy

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