‘Longmire’ Season 5 Ep 2 – One Good Memory (Recap/Review)

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Episode two of Longmire starts with Walt heading off the identify a “Jane Doe” that he fears is Donna.  “One Good Memory” has a lot shoved into one episode.  Walt coerces Eamon into helping him prove that Wilkins has hidden Browning.

Walt heads to the morgue and learns that the dead woman is not Donna and that Sheriff Wilkins tried to keep the body a secret.

Ferg is unhappy that Walt took his car while it was being forensically tested and when he asks for the keys back, his boss says no.   Longmire is still trying to work out who has Donna.  After learning that the arson investigator has been pulled off the burned out van, Walt investigates the vehicle himself.

The young man claiming to be Donna’s son is still in the one jail cell. Walt tells Ferg that he is to remain there till someone can verify who he really is.

Walt starts collecting remnants of the molotov cocktail in the van.  As Vic arrives he  has put the evidence together. It is a Red Stripe beer bottle and they now have a suspect for the firebombing of the doctor’s vehicle.

Vic forces Walt to give up his car keys and they head out to question Duncan Butler.

Henry almost gets shot as Hector and Mathias uses the break-in as an excuse to enter the premises. Henry is not amused.

Despite Longmire’s injury he scurries from place to place hunting down suspects and trying to find Donna. He gets a call from Eamon and heads out to an address that the deputy texts to Vic.

Henry is almost caught by Mathias as he takes photographs of Jacob’s books. They talk about Hector and their arrangement.

Walt meets Eamon at Sheriff Wilkins’ house.  O’Neill says that the sheriff is at his house with Walker Browning.  The two men climb over the gate and as they approach the dwelling Browning spots Walt and invites him and Eamon up to the house.

Walker believes that the “missing she” is Gabby and not Donna. Wilkins wants Walt arrested. Longmire gets up close and personal with Browning and learns that he did not shoot him or take Donna. Eamon gets fired.

Walt offers him a job and O’Neill turns him down.

Butler is on his own mission to find out who took the doctor. He kidnaps another veteran at Henry’s old place.

Henry calls the kidnapping in and follows Butler.  Vic cuts the man off and between the two they capture both Duncan and his kidnap victim (who tries to run away.).

Duncan is  brought in for questioning and in spite of the serious subject matter this sequence manages to be rather humorous.  Butler, who was the main suspect because of the missed appointments and the firebombed van, did not take Donna.

He was upset when she turned down his homemade rabbit stew. “Homemade” he stresses, clearly still upset at the rejection of his offering.

Donna’s son Andy finally has his identity verified and gets released.  The young man has gotten a call on his cell. He tells Walt to listen to the voice mail. It is his mother and she is speaking in code.  They use the call to narrow down where she might be.

Walt and Vic head to Tamar’s house and  find that she had Donna there.  Longmire mentions that the woman was more concerned with his resemblance to her old commanding officer than the doctor’s disappearance.

Smith has Donna and the doctor leaves a message for help in a gas station restroom.  Tamar is acting aggressively and after spraying gasoline over another customer threatens to set him on fire.

Henry and Mathias come to an understanding about Hector.  Henry outmaneuvers the officer and they agree to renegotiate their agreement.  Mathias using Henry as Hector has backfired.

Tamar tells Donna that she is afraid the press will turn their ordeal into a jealous lesbian thing.

Walt, Vic and Ferg track down Tamar to a lake; he saw a picture of Tamar sitting on a canoe by a lake at her house. Once they find the body of water, Vic and Ferg check out the other lake house and Walt the other.

He finds Donna and things get tense. Tamar comes out with his rifle. The two are at an impasse until Donna explains why Smith kidnapped her. The woman’s commanding officer raped her repeatedly in the field.

Longmire gives his gun to Donna (giving her “the power”) and Tamar leaves.  After a tender moment with Donna Walt goes to get the kidnapper.

Tamar asks to be handcuffed and then, when Walt’s back is turned, jumps into the lake. Longmire jumps in to save her and it becomes a team effort as  Donna, Ferg and Vic help.

The episode ends with Tamar resuscitated and Walt holding his side and breathing heavily.

These first two episodes of Longmire continues the series theme of looking at relevant issues. Episode one and two, despite dealing with the aftermath of last season’s finale, look at veterans and their mental health.

(Anyone who does not believe this is an issue should immediately call any VA appointment number. The first item on the menu is all about mental health issues. This is a very real  thing.)

Tamar’s issues are different from the usual PTSD problems. It is down to sexual abuse, another thing that was highlighted as being an issue in the US military recently.

In a time where the police are undergoing severe problems within their own ranks and an apparent policy of “shoot first ask questions later,” Walt’s masterful handling of Tamar Smith is a breath of fresh air.

Granted Walt Longmire is a fictional character but it was still a nice resolution that ended with no one else being shot.

Longmire is streaming on Netflix at the moment and all 10 episodes are available to view right now.


Guest starring  Josh Cooke as Eamon O’Neill,   Callum Rennie as Walker Browning, Mac Brandt as Duncan Butler and Jamie Anne Allman as Tamar Smith.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

5 thoughts on “‘Longmire’ Season 5 Ep 2 – One Good Memory (Recap/Review)”

  1. I love the series and appreciate the storyline here, but they should have hired some knowledgeable consultants. Anyone involved in behavioral health (that’s what it’s called now, not mental health) with the VA knows the easiest thing to get is medication. And no one says “F. O. B.”


  2. “Walt offers him a job and O’Neill turns him down.”
    The rejection was a disappointment to me, but there is, in spite of the careful choice of words used, a faint – very faint – glimmer of hope that we’ll see him again.


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