Narcos: The Good, the Bad and the Dead – Ambush (Review)

Netflix Narcos

Narcos “The Good, the Bad and the Dead” shows how many organizations are against Escobar. It also shows just how much Carrillo really bothers Pablo. It seems that Murphy is right about the colonel scaring the cartel leader, the man from Madrid even stalks Escobar in his dreams.

As various organizations work to take Pablo down, he tries to take the colonel down by less violent means at first. Having the street kid tell about Carrillo killing his juvenile friend and then writing letters to newspapers.

His efforts go unrewarded.

Although the state prosecutor does order an investigation into Pablo’s escape from prison and the charge of Carrillo’s killing a child.  The president’s vice minister is less than pleased at this turn of events.

Carrillo continues the smaller scaled attacks on Escobar and these are proven to be all too successful. At the same time, the “Gentlemen from Cali,” the Orejuela family,  team up with Judy Moncada (Cristina Umaña) and a far right organization dedicated to fighting a communist guerrilla group.

The communist rebels murdered the father of the Castaño brothers; Jesus and Carlos (played by Luis Enrique Gomez and Mauricio Mejía respectively) and Pablo supports the guerrillas.  CIA spook Stechner  persuades the brothers to join forces with both Judy and the Orejuela family. 

As the brothers meet with Judy and Pacho (Alberto Ammann) Limon hunts down Maritza. He tells his childhood friend that they can take Escobar out if they reveal his movements to the government, aka Carrillo. The taxi driver convinces her that the DEA will give her and her daughter tickets to leave the country. 

Despite an obvious interest by Judy, Pacho turns the brothers down in they request to join forces.

Javi’s hooker is the mediator between the frightened Maritza and the DEA agent. She tells the Peña of the plan. He clears it with his boss and Carrillo. Peña’s boss agrees with the idea of the plan but later tells both Javi and Steve that they cannot be involved.

Crosby is very displeased at the Carrillo child murder allegations and he wants the US agency far removed from any further questionable activities.  His distancing act saves the lives of the two DEA agents.

Far from giving Escobar up, Limon has enlisted Maritza to set a trap for Carrillo.  As the Colombian forces head to the address provided by the two, shots ring out. Carrillo and his troops are trapped in a narrow street and ambushed by Pablo’s men.

It is a bloodbath.

At the end, Carrillo lies wounded in the street and Escobar comes to talk to his enemy. Taking the cartridge that the colonel had the street child deliver Pablo puts it in his magazine and returns the bullet to Carrillo.

Before he dies the colonel calls Escobar a coward and the cartel leader empties the magazine into his enemy.

Murphy and Peña are distraught at the murder of Carrillo and his men.  Later, Javier is approached by his snitch and the man takes the DEA agent on a ride. They arrive at a heavily guarded mansion and the two go inside.

Javi enters a room to find Judy Moncada and the Castaño brothers waiting. It seems that Judy is more than ready to team up with the anti-communist league to take down Escobar.

Narcos continues to provide an intriguing fictionalized account of the battle to defeat Pablo Escobar.  Carrillo, who is the story’s version of Colonel Hugo Martinez the real man who lead the fight against Escobar. In reality Martinez never died in a hail of lead at the hands of Pablo or his men.

Regardless of this bit of poetic license, Narcos also offers a somewhat  watered down version of the real Escobar’s activities.  The cartel leader was ruthless and at the time of his death was responsible for a huge amount of deaths in his country.

Despite the high body count in the Netflix bio-drama,  reality was according to experts much worse in real life.

Toward the end of this episode, Maritza learns that Limon tricked her. He  also saved her life. La Quica will not be looking to kill her anymore. She has, however,  become an accessory to the murder of Carrillo and a number of his men.

Narcos is streaming on Netflix and the entire season can be watched in one sitting or two. Head over and check this one out, it is addictive viewing.




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