‘Superstore’ Season Two: Strike – Solidarity…Not (Review)

 Superstore - Season 2

Episode two of Superstore ignores the Olympic events in episode two and heads firmly back into the strike action from last season’s finale.  This is a chance for all the employees to stand together in a show of solidarity but it does not end well.

Once more the chemistry between Ferrera and Feldman is perfect and this is what makes this episode work so well. Their characters bond to fight the management of the Cloud 9 and only Amy and Jonah  have the strength to move this walkout forward.

As this is Superstore, the eventual strike, Amy initially insists that this is not a strike at all, goes pear shaped. Although at first all the employees agree that Dina, the only holdout, is a “fart noise.”

When the Cloud 9 district manager arrives Amy and Jonah  go in and talk about getting Glenn his job back.  After Amy once again reminds everyone that this is not a strike, she and Jonah  go in the store to speak with the manager.

Cue a slo-mo entrance backed by DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” (which is also  used on a coke commercial)  the two  spy a Cloud 9 poster urging customers to “Dress for Success.” The music pauses, Amy and Ben look at one other  and nod.

Superstore - Season 2

They then reappear wearing mannequin clothing and the song, as well as the slow motion walk, continues.  Amy is wearing a hot pink outfit and Jonah has a suit with a hat. Neither one is impressed with the other’s outfit.

During negations they learn that the corporation expects an apology before they rehire Glenn.  Amy and Jonah get angry at the idea of bowing down to the company and do not  appreciate ` the district manager’s attitude.

They opt to go on strike officially.

After getting t-shirts and placards the group unite in front of the store. Things do not go smoothly. The local news arrives and the inflatable rat turns out to be a cute teddybear.

The strike folds ever so slowly. Garrett bails to date a gorgeous woman who is against transgender bathrooms.   Finally the only two left are Jonah and Amy.  By the end of the show they too give up and go back to work.

There are those splendid “off the wall” comic moments slipped in-between the storyline. A kid with his head impossibly stuck in the back of a dining room chair and a protestor checking the old lady sleeping to see if she is dead.

Superstore takes this episode to show that employees do not easily support one another when it comes to job change. The theme is that solidarity suffers when the ones striking can be replaced.

Standout Moments:

Dina’s whore’s bath comment.

The giant teddybear instead of a rat.

Mateo playing both sides of the fence; striking and also working in the store.

Dina and the water hose:

Superstore - Season 2

Jonah tweeting his 1,506 follows and constantly reminding everyone of how many followers he has on Twitter.

Garrett’s public announcement to the customers in the store.

The Sandra battle.

Final Thoughts:

This was a great start to the second season and it appears to show Amy and Jonah getting even closer. Dina proves yet again that deep inside her heart, she is a hopeless bully. Although when she does something truly nasty, like breaking Glenn’s car windows, she panics.

Superstore airs Thursdays on NBC. Tune in for some feel good comedy and to see what happens to Dina after being so horrible to her colleagues.


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