Blindspot: Heave Fiery Knot – Moles and Other Issues (Review)

 Blindspot - Season 2

Kurt Weller’s team is still broken in this week’s episode of Blindspot. “Heave Fiery Knot” may imply a Gordian Knot issue still exists as everyone in the FBI, and their NSA import, mistrust one another. Even the audience have a modicum of unease while trying to work out who the Sandstorm mole is.

The pattern has been established in this season of higher-up figures in the FBI being the ones working for either Sandstorm or some other criminal organization.  In this instance it is a supervisory figure who sets up  his protege and another man in the MOJ who are the jokers in this deck.

This week the issue of Coach Jones rears its ugly head as the prosecutor can find no one to testify against the man.  Reade searches out an old friend from back in the day and talks him into speaking up. Later this move has serious ramifications as the FBI agent learns some disturbing facts about his own past with the pedophile coach.

Weller manages to keep the team moving along, despite the issues between NSA agent Nas and Patterson as well as the problem of Jane lying to everyone. Zapata continues to be the most outspoken about not working with Jane any more.

Once more it seems to be a case of a guilty conscience being the motivator here considering Tasha’s track record. Even Reade has tensed up against Jane. A bit surprising as she saved his life during the earlier shootout with the cartel.

Valentine Barker (Karishma Ahluwalia)   has been set up to take the fall for selling arms to cartels. As the team go to collect the FBI agent each member of the team complain about Jane coming along.   She even has to ride in a separate vehicle with Nas. 

There is a brief shootout and Weller’s group take the woman in.

Meanwhile Kurt is having issues with the fact that his father actually killed Taylor Shaw. He speaks with Dr. Borden about it. Later Jane also speaks with Borden who suggests that she try to help Kurt out.

Towards the end of the episode, Nas is seen listening in on the session Jane has with Dr. Borden. Clearly the NSA representative is keeping an eye on the  defecting Sandstorm operative.

Of course the other implication is that Nas is the mole. Although there are a few suspects. Borden, Zapata and Reade being right up at the front of the queue.  Patterson clearly distrusts Nas which may make her the prime suspect.


Blindspot - Season 2

“Heave Fiery Knot” has the fractured team stopping a cartel attack with stingers against a planeload of  Mexican law enforcement officials.  Another decent shootout and some nice teamwork by Weller and Jane.

Unfortunately the gap remains between Kurt, Jane and the rest of the team.

Roman tries to go out in the field and keep an eye on his sister. Shepard refuses to allow him out and this causes some friction between the two. At the end of the episode, as Jane looks at the memorial plaque, Roman grabs her from behind and injects her with something.

Hopefully Borden is not the mole as he made his move on Patterson and asked her out on a date. Although this did get off to a shaky start when he gave her an antiquated floppy disc she cannot use.

Martin Gero has gone back to the “Tattoo of the Week” theme and it is a  good move. It allows the story to feature that dichotomous line of Sandstorm actually helping while simultaneously trying to take down several government agencies.

Meanwhile Jane is having more memories of her time before becoming a tattooed person of interest and Weller learns he is to be a father.

Blindspot airs Wednesdays on NBC. This one just keeps getting better and better. Tune in and see who the mole is,


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