Chelsea: Chris Geere and Renée Zellweger (Recap/Review)

Chelsea Handler

Wednesday’s show started with Chelsea learning about the new iOS 10 update and some of the new apps. “Tech Talk With Jiffy” was an amusing start to the show as he took Chelsea through some of the new features.

Messaging and a change in voicemail were among the new items covered by Jiffy.  At the end of the display, Chelsea took Jiffy’s iPhone and dropped into a glass of water. He did not react too well as his phone is not the newest one on offer, in other words it was not a “7” and therefore not waterproof.

Apart from Jiffy, who does not really count as he works on the show, there were only two guests on Wednesday’s episode. English actor Chris Geere and Oscar winning star  Renée Zellweger.

Geere talked about  working on You’re the Worst and doing those sex scenes. He also told about being outfitted for the very first sex scene he did on the series. Chris explained that he was given a choice as to what size “sock” he needed.

They spoke about driving in Los Angeles and how people view actors in both England and the United States.  Chelsea asked about Manchester being a rough area, which it is, and Geere protested that there were nice parts of the city as well.

He did admit that it rained a lot there and that it used to be called “Rain-chester” and “Gun-Chester.”  Chris was amusing and gave good interview. Chelsea ended the interview by saying that the Cambridge born actor’s series is airing on FXX right now

Next up was the star of Bridget Jones’s Baby, Renée Zellweger. Rather interestingly, Zellweger was not interviewed in the Netflix studio but instead visited with Chelsea at her home.  Just why this was done is unclear.

It was, despite the non-studio appearance, a good interview. People who might not be fans of Zellweger would definitely feel an affinity with the star.  She came across as humble, funny, inquisitive and nice.

Zellweger talked about arriving in LA when she was 24. She also admitted that she was not trained as an actor. Chelsea pointed out that Renée seemed uncomfortable with the fame associated with being a star.  Zellweger agreed that she found fame “weird.”

The two talked about auditioning for Tom Cruise when she was 27. Renée was actually called back there times before she got the part. She told Chelsea about Cameron Crowe calling her at Sundance to tell she had the part if she wanted it.

She also talked about the premiere of Jerry Maguire and disappointing her mother by not spending much time with her at the event.  Zellweger revealed that she can change the oil in a car, thanks to her father.

Bridget Jones as a character was discussed and how  connected Renée is to the English woman in the films.

Zellweger was an excellent out of studio guest and she looked stunning.

The episode finished with a double hosting for the “word” of the day – “Double Standard.”  Alex Trebek joined Handler to co-present the word and proved to be quite adept at comedy.

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.


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