Ray Donovan Season Four Finale: Rattus Rattus (Review)


Ray Donovan must be one of the best shows on television for pulling a save out of what seems to be thin air. The season four finale “Rattus Rattus” seemed to have Ray painted into a corner with no way out.

After a few short twists and turns however, it is Mickey who inadvertently saves the day.

The episode starts with Ray having a dream. Abby has died and  the entire Donovan clan  are at her funeral.  As Father Romero (Leland Orser) presides over the service, Sonia is massaging Ray’s crotch. 

Romero then starts talking about a new app that saved him 10 minutes in his journey. “10 f**king minutes Ray,” he crows.

Donovan wakes up.

There is a lot going in in this last episode.  Avi is recuperating in the hospital. Barnes clears out the office and gets all of Ray’s files.  Sonia tells Donovan what the FBI agent offered her to rat Ray out. He has promised safe passage and a new identity for her daughter.

Donavan tells Sonia that Frank Barnes is “a lying sack of sh*t.” It turns out that the federal agent is also stupid. He sends Sonia to her death.  It is Barnes’ plan to have Ray and Kovitzky convince the Russian mobster that she is an asset.

The former art dealer ends up nn a metal morgue tray with a bullet in her head. Mickey wants to ride on Ray’s deal with Hector and hits Abby up for money. She shows him the painting; Girl With Guitar and tells him to sell it and use the money to place the bet.

Frank insists that Ray wear a wire to the fight. Mickey gets contact from the pawnshop and while the man looks at the painting, Mick finds that the back of the thing is full of drugs.

After the discovery of the smuggled drugs and Sonia’s death, Ray calls the family together. They orchestrate the take down of Dimitri and his goons.

Amidst all these plans, Hector wants to fight for real and Father Romero comes to see Ray. Bunchy tells Terry about Ray forcing Hector to throw the fight.

Ismael Cruz Cordova as Hector Campos and Victor Ortiz as Whittaker

Terry confronts Ray about Hector murdering Marisol and then promises that he will put something in Hector’s eyes to keep him from backing out.

Abby reveals to Ray that her treatments are working and the cancer is disappearing. Bridget gets accepted to NYU and flies off to New York. Donavan takes her to the airport.

Ray sits with Dimitri at the fight after giving back the wired shirt to Barnes. Hector does not go down in the sixth round. Ray has told him to win and Dmitri is furious. Campos wins the fight.

With all the precision of a “Godfather” hit the Russian mobster and his men are taken out. Avi and Daryl partner up to grab Dimitri and his chauffeur. Bunchy and Mick take out the muscle at the Russian’s house.

Ray and Lena take out the replacement for Belikov and then call Barnes. When the FBI agent arrives, the new “Ivan” lays on the floor, not moving, and Lena has taken all the drugs from the paintings.

The Donovan’s are celebrating Hector’s win and Terry gives an impassioned speech. Ray arrives and speaks with Hector. Abby meets her husband outside the gym and they kiss. She goes up the stairs and after a moment Ray follows.

Once again Ray Donovan proves that above all else, this show is about family.  Even though it looked like Ray was either going to be killed by Dimitri or get sent to prison or  be forced to join a witness protection program, Mickey turned the tide by discovering those drugs.

This finale allowed Donovan to slow down from that frantic pace he has maintained from the first episode.  The family stepped up to the mark and saved the day allowing Ray to concentrate on getting out from under the Russian mob.

Ray and Dimitri

Memorable moments  of the episode included Avi kicking the crap out of Dimitri’s driver.  Sonia’s body in the morgue and the shooting of all the Russian mobsters. (Avi keeping Daryl from being involved was particularly touching.)

Lena and Ray taking out the “New” Belikov was also brilliant.

This was a brilliant end to a frantic season for Schreiber’s character. While the show’s only Emmy went to Hank Azaria  this Showtime production is definitely the cream of the crop.


Guest starring Raymond J. Barry as Dimitri, Michael McGrady  as Frank Barnes, Ismael Cruz Cordova as Hector and Embeth Davidtz as Sonia Kovitzky.

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