Narcos: Our Man in Madrid – Breaking Point (Review)

Netflix Narcos

The president responds to Escobar’s message of death from the week before. So too does Colonel Pinzón. Both men have reached their breaking point, as Murphy points out in the opening moments. The colonel resigns his position and the president brings back Carrillo. Narcos steps up the action as a result.

As Murphy tells the audience, Carrillo (the man “in Madrid”) is the one individual that scares Escobar. When the colonel returns, he tells the two DEA agents that operations will now be subtle and small scale. Javi is pleased.

First, however, they make a bold statement. Taking over 100 men they head to Barrio Escobar and Carrillo urinates on Pablo’s mural.  Then the men round up the street urchins who are Escobar’s eyes and ears.

The colonel warns them that by helping Pablo they are assassins. One lad speaks up asking if he is meant to “Sh*t my pants.” No, murmurs Carrillo as he shoots the boy in the head.

The colonel then gives a nine millimeter round to the smallest lookout and tells him to give it to Escobar. “Tell  Pablo  this is for him.” He then tells the children to leave.

Javi is disturbed by the cold-blooded murder of a child, “to make a f**king point.” La Quica is still searching for Maritza and getting nowhere. He complains to Limon and the two head off for ice cream.

Murphy complaints to Carrillo about being left out of the latest action and the Colonel takes this on board. Later, after the raid on one of, what they believe to be Escobar’s labs, Murphy is brought along.

This lab is actually one of Judy Moncada’s (Cristina Umaña) that was being  dismantled by Pablo’s men. Meanwhile, the young lad meets with Escobar and gives him the cartridge. He tells Pablo that the “man” said the round was for him. 

Javi has an informant tell him about the lab. It is a set up orchestrated by Judy Moncada.  She has gone to Gilberto Orejuela  (Damián Alcázar) for his   help. The goal is to kill Escobar. They set up the labs belonging to Judy in order to flush Pablo out. 

After Carrillo leads the raid,  they capture Gato (Pedro Calvo) and one other man. The colonel takes them, and Murphy, up in a helicopter for questioning.  The first man knows nothing, he says, and Carrillo kicks him out of the chopper. 

Gato refuses to talk and he shares the same fate as his companion.  Murphy is shocked and disturbed at the coldblooded action taken by Carrillo. He starts drinking and calls his wife in Miami. Javi spends more time with a prostitute as Pablo monitors the boy talking to a news reporter on camera.

Obviously, Narcos is getting darker, as things apparently did  in real life when Escobar escaped from prison.  Not only does Pablo have the president trying to catch, or kill him, but other cartels are also conspiring to take him out.

It remains to be seen just how loyal Escobar’s youngsters will be now that Carrillo has taken to killing them.  Pablo is gambling on public opinion going against the colonel to relieve the pressure. Although he promised his wife Tata that they would leave the country if things get too bad.

This bio-drama is gripping stuff. Moura, Holbrook and Pascal are knocking it out of the park with their performances. Kudos to Cristina Umaña as Judy Moncada; ice cold and full of enough venom to kill an elephant, this lady captivates every time she is onscreen.

Narcos is streaming on Netflix right now. All 10 episodes are available to watch at once.  Head over and check this fact based thriller out.


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