Chelsea: Sarah Silverman, Gloria Steinem and the ‘C’ Word

Chelsea Handler

Thursdays episode of Chelsea was all about strong women, both literally and figuratively.  Guests were Sarah Silverman, Gloria Steinem, Cecile Richards and Michelle Carter.  Chelsea opened with a monologue that covered older people having sex.

Silverman talked about almost dying. She managed to make the whole thing sound amusing, with a little help from Chelsea.  Silverman finished up by staying she needed ice for her “p***y” after she and Chelsea had “clam bumped” backstage.

The conversation moved on to the DNC and Silverman’s speech.  The comic explained that she had a five minute speech was was told to cut it down.  After hacking the speech to two minutes she was told to stretch the speech out.

It was then that Silverman told off Bernie supporters at the convention. Silverman, as a comic, can be a bit close to the bone and overly risque. However away from the comedy, the performer is clear about what issues she supports.

Chelsea mentioned Gloria Steinem and the show moved to a prerecorded segment where she met with the ROMEO club (Retired Old Men Eating Out). She wanted to know what these older men thought of both Sarah Silverman and Steinem.

The verdict was that both women were, for the most part, well thought of.

Steinem came out and talked about violence towards women, across the world. She has two documentaries out this year. The feminist is still outspoken and is still needed in terms of highlighting women’s rights.

The three women talked politics and what was important in a candidate. Talk turned to aging and whether Gloria regretted  not having children. Speaking of age, Steinem has not really mellowed at the age of 82 at all.

The subject of abortion came up.  Steinem, and Sarah Silverman are for women having the choice over their own bodies. Chelsea read a bit from Gloria’s book that tells of a London doctor who performed an abortion for a young woman before they were legal in that country.

The short excerpt moved Silverman to tears.

Steinem may not be to everyone’s taste but the 82 year old activist still looks stunning and continues to fight the good fight.  She still has that  razor sharp wit and straight forward aggression towards those who do not understand her position on women’s issues.

As a followup to the topic of abortion, Chelsea (in a pre-recorded field segment) spoke to the head of the Planned Parenthood organization Cecile Richards.

Richards talked about the organization and how many young women relied upon Planned Parenthood for sexual health issues as well as birth control.

Next up was gold medalist Michelle Carter, aka “Shot Diva.” The Olympic medal winner was  a crowd pleaser and proved that big is beautiful in more ways than one. The 30 year old athlete spoke of celebrating after her win and being a certified cosmetologist.

The show ended with Chelsea, and Sarah Silverman, talking about the “Word of the Day,” the ‘C’ word, aka c**t. Handler pointed out, quite rightly, that in Britain the word is not nearly so offensive as in this country.

Silverman, who is dating Welsh actor Michael Sheen, (the guest from yesterday’s Chelsea) confirmed this. She also explained the difference between being English versus being British.

It was a fun finish to the show and the two comics then went on to “clam bump” again.

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.



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