Chelsea: Sex in Space – Michael Sheen and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Chelsea Handler Netflix

Today on Chelsea “Don’t tell me to smile” Handler’s Netflix talkshow the subject was sex. In space, on television, “Masters of Space” and obsession with an ex’s possessions. Michael Sheen talked his Showtime series and Neil deGrasse Tyson talked about space.

To open, Chelsea talks about her “sex” book “My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands” (published in 2005) very briefly. It is used as an intro to her assistants asking for sex advice.

This segment included audience participation as Andy, Rob and Cat asked questions that ranged from a dating scenario to “breaking a guy’s bits.” (According to an audience member, this can happen and in his case resulted in surgery.) Amusingly Cat confessed she never expected to get such a detailed answer.

Sheen was first up and he admitted that there was nothing wrong with his d*ck.  Michael mentioned that he had diarrhea and Chelsea had to explain it was a joke. This all comes, she said, from Sheen dating Sarah Silverman.

Michael explained how he and Sarah started dating; they were mutually set up by a friend.

The Welsh actor got to plug Masters of Sex and the show’s fourth season.  He gives a recap of the show and a preview of what is going on this year.  They spoke about acting, character arcs and that Sarah is on the show.

Sheen also spoke about his relationship with Kate Beckinsale. He and Kate have a daughter and Michael talked about how they both  interact with Silverman.

Chelsea then continued  with another  “Know Your Rights” sexual harassment segment with Laura Wasser.

Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen were on next to talk “couple’s guidance” and to undertake a field trip to the “Museum of Broken Relationships.”   Before the excursion Biggs and Mollen revealed that she has a fascination with all his exes.

Mollen has kept a caftan that Jason bought an ex girlfriend.  It was returned when the two broke up and Jenny takes the thing everywhere.  The trip to the museum is to allow Jason’s wife a chance to let the caftan go.

There is a brief tour of the museum which includes exhibits of such esoterica as belly button lint. Biggs and Mollen are what could be called regulars on Chelsea. They have appeared on a “Dinner Party” segment and Biggs talked to the water polo team before the Olympics.

Last up was Neil deGrasse Tyson who talked about space and then, when prompted, about sex in space. This was another “learning experience” for Ms. Handler. The two spoke of the new earth-like planet Proxima B.

The planet is over 4.22 light years away from the earth and Tyson surmised that it would take around 700 years to get there. It could be done, Tyson said, by having very fertile men and women on the spacecraft.

These astronauts could procreate and their offspring could then make contact with the planet. This led to vague explanations of how to have sex in space. (Velcro is involved.)

Tyson  also got to plug his latest book, via Chelsea, titled “Space Talk.”

The episode ended with a “Final Nugget” where Handler takes certified Twitter user Reince Priebus to task for telling Hillary Clinton, in so many characters, to smile.

Only Chelsea Handler can manage to make a misandry rant about any man suggesting that a smile makes thing better amusing.

Chelsea streams Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.



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