Chelsea: The Right, Fair Thing to Do – Patricia Arquette (Review)

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea “The Right, Fair Thing to Do” was all about “woman power.” Patricia Arquette was the main guest and she talked mainly about equal pay.  The theme of modern women in charge of themselves  and their careers also continued with second guest Aisha Tyler.  

At the start of the episode, Chelsea talked of having the Stranger Things kids on the show.  Before the first guest came on, there was a humorous segment where Chelsea’s new “life coaches” Paul and Jackie Greenberg walked the host through dealing with child actors.

It was a funny segment, “Do not give them gum,” that went over very well with the audience.

Arquette spoke briefly about her role in Boyhood. The 2014 film, shot over a timespan of 12 years, garnered the actress her only Oscar for Supporting Actress. Chelsea mentions her performance and her character’s speech at the end of the film.

The two women also talked about living in a commune, (or as Chelsea put it, living “on” a commune) and how Patricia felt growing  up in that environment.

Midway through their chat, there was a “field” segment where Chelsea visited with a “commune” family. A German couple with four kids were the focus of this away day.

The “hippyish” family talked of potty training their children from “day one” and the oldest played a song for Chelsea. It was investing to see that  the father blushed quite a lot.

Then it was back to Arquette who spent a fair amount of time talking about how women are still “held down” in this country. In terms of equal rights and not just equal pay women continue to get the short end of the stick.

She talked about rape statistics in terms of jail time for the perpetrators  and pointed out that  rapist Brock Turner was not an anomaly. Arquette was also there to plug her new documentary Equal Means Equal.

The actress is, as Chelsea points out, a strong woman.  She believes passionately in equal rights for women, it is not shy about airing her views and beliefs.

Next up was Aisha Tyler, a friend of Chelsea’s as well as one very busy performer. Tyler is on The Talk, does voice work on the animated series Archer, and appears on Whose Line Is It Anyway.

The busy performer, Aisha is also a stand-up comic, just finished directing her first feature length film.  Tyler is funny and her segment had the audience laughing on a regular basis.

She spoke of her Vegas trip with Chelsea, and falling asleep on the couch with her feet on the assistant’s lap. Tyler and Chelsea have an excellent chemistry together and it added to the segment.

Aisha mentioned that she liked being on cable as she could swear without fear of recrimination.  Chelsea agreed.

There was another segment, outside the studio, where Handler featured her father Seymour again. He revealed that he had a 21 year old “girlfriend” who “looks after him.”

Chelsea took her two assistants to see Laura Wasser again, in a very short segment where they spoke of alternative schooling and home schools.

The episode ended with Chelsea’s tips on going to college, something she did not do. The best bit of this segment was the advice to lower expectations, i.e. standards.

This was another interesting episode that left politics behind and focussed instead on women’s issues of equality and a little bit on communes and home schooling.

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix. Tune in and enjoy the force that is Chelsea Handler.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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