Chelsea: Flashbacks to the Good Old ’80s – Stranger Things (Review)

Chelsea Handler

The theme on Chelsea today was the ’80s and nothing fit the bill better than having three of the Stranger Things kids on the show. Although conspicuous in his absence was Finn Wolfhard, who played Mike Wheeler in the series. It was odd for him to be missing as his character was closer to Millie Bobby Brown’s character than either of the other two boys. 

“Flashbacks to the Good Old ’80s” was a very upbeat and fun episode. The guests were all animated and so was the audience. Bob Saget even remarked about it.

Another thing that Saget mentioned was how mean natured the Rob Lowe roast was. Yet another professional in the business who noticed that the business of “Roasting” has changed since the Rat Pack days.

The Stranger Things kids were fun and while Gaten was quite “controlled” on this talkshow, Millie was quite verbal. Matarazzo was celebrating, his  14th birthday and surprise guest “Barb” (Purser) came out with a cake. The thing had one candle and Gaten blew it out. The entire audience then sang Happy Birthday to the teen.

One interesting point was that none of the child actors knew what justice meant. Although to be fair, Gaten may have done but he was not asked.

Chelsea did another “anti-kid” rant, pre-recorded, and apart from it being very funny, it looked like Ms. Handler did the entire thing sans makeup.

Suffice to say, the woman still looked stunning.  As one guest said on another earlier episode, Chelsea has got great skin.  Have a look at her PSA segment and see what you think.

After her video warning of older women being tempted to “pop’ out babies because of that old biological clock, Jim Gaffigan did a rebuttal video which was also funny. Gaffigan also did his “sans” makeup but with all that hair it is hard to tell just how clear his skin is.

Next up as Abigail Breslin, who just finished filming the TV movie remake of Dirty Dancing and has just started working on season two of Scream Queens. She spoke of her struggle to learn coordination for the dancing required.

Chelsea brought up an attacking tweet that Breslin sent a Gold’s Gym on Twitter after they posted a rather insulting tweet. (It had a picture of a pear with a post saying that “no woman wants to look like this.” Her vitriolic tweet back caused the gym to take down their tweet and they changed the pear to an apple.

Bob Saget was last up and he and Chelsea had a wonderful time, as did the audience. The star of Full House and now Fuller House, on Netflix, was funny. He and Ms. Handler brought out the best in one another.

He did talk about the earlier ’80s show and talked about a donkey getting an erection in front of the audience and the child actors. They spoke of his girlfriend, who can read, and, as mentioned above, Roasts.

Chelsea finished with the host poking fun at the Olsen twins and Bob defended the two multimillionaires. This was a brilliant episode, very light and more fun than any of the episodes dealing with politics.

The show airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix. Catch them all, even the ones with too many politicos and sports figures.



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