Killjoys: How to Kill Friends and Influence People – Season Finale (Review)

 Killjoys - Season 2

Killjoys has really shaken things up in their season finale.  “How to Kill Friends and Influence People” kills off at least one long term character, if not two.  At long last, we learn why Khlyen wants Dutch to kill Aneela, his real daughter.  The true offspring of Khlyen is madder than  a box of frogs and dangerous with it.

This season has seen the death of Pawter Simms and now we see the man that Dutch loves to hate die;   done in by his own hand.  This sacrifice play makes his death a heart breaking affair. There is also another character that we love to hate, Seyah Kendry, who may be taking a dirt nap as well. (Although Seyah was still breathing when last seen in that Old Town alleyway.)

For an episode that ends on such a downer;  Khlyen dead, Seyah dying and Johnny heading off with Clara (Stephanie Leonidas),  and  Alice her weaponized arm, there are a number of amusing moments.

(There is even a “Wilhelm Scream” in the scene where D’Avin and Fancy Lee face off the bank’s security guards.)

Killjoys continues the brilliant repartee between Lucy and Johnny. D’Avin uses Level Six Fancy Lee as a human shield, “Human shield b*tches.”  Dutch fights off the lion’s share of bank guards while Khlyen watches and Lucy gets very upset at the black goo  spilt on her decks.

In terms of action, “How to Kill Friends and Influence People” is chock a block with some great sequences. Johnny has an epic fight with two Black Root fighters and Dutch and Khlyen with those extra guards.  D’Av and Fancy Lee also take out their fair share of guards. Each reluctantly admiring the other’s work.

Alongside this change in direction which results in a splitting up of the team and the destruction of some of the green plasma, there is a bit of backstory. We learn why Khlyen zeroed in on his “little bird” and why Aneela went stark raving mad when she encountered the plasma. (She was too young.)

Khlyen develops a plasma “vaccine” which will kill the green stuff and not only free Old Town but will take out a slew of Level Six soldiers.  He and the Killjoys head off to find the source of the plasma. Destroying that will kill the remaining green goo on Arkyn.

Dutch finds the tree after ripping a page from Alvis’ book. The holes in the page work as a star map. The Killjoys find the tree and kill the source, using Khlyen as the delivery system.  The death of the Level Six upsets Dutch and she is comforted by Johnny.

Killjoys - Season 2
Dutch and Alvis

The destruction of the goo “cures” Fancy Lee and he is no longer a Level Six. Johnny and Lucy say goodbye after he shoots Seyah Kendry and Dutch believes that Aneela is still alive.  She plans to start a full fledged war and defeat all the Level Six’s.

This was a cracking end to the second season of Killjoys. It was a culmination of what makes the series work so well.  A touch of comedy, plenty of action and sudden shocking death.

The death of Khlyen means that the splendid Rob Stewart will no longer be part of the show, except for the possibility of flashbacks.  Stewart is a personal favorite so hopefully there will be plenty of walks down memory lane in season three.

Delle Seyah Kendry may not be dead.  Johnny shot her in the abdomen at close range but…

The woman is too strong to die so easily. Our last glimpse of the Qresh noblewoman in that alleyway shows the beginning of a smile.  She may yet survive to plague the Killjoys and hunt down her attacker Johnny Jaqobis.

As for John, it will be hard to imagine Lucy without her in-resident nerd.  These two have been brilliant this season. Tamsen McDonough  brought levels of depth to Lucy in season two  that  resulted in the character becoming more than human and touchingly funny. 

Season three will presumably focus on the battle between Dutch and Aneela, at least according to show creator Michelle Lovretta who said as much in an interview with

Killjoys - Season 2

Killjoys ended on a somber note but the possibilities are wide open for next season. Johnny with a new sidekick and Dutch declaring war on the entire Quad  means that this should get  even more  interesting.


Guest starring   Mayko Nguyen as Seyah Kendry

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