Chelsea: Oh, This Isn’t Funny Anymore – Trump and Planes

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea opened the episode talking about Trump and Clinton sharing their medical records.  “Oh, This Isn’t Funny Anymore,” was about health and flying.

In keeping with the theme of full disclosure, Chelsea invited her personal physician of 10 years on the show.  Ms. Handler then asked about her health and whether she could run for president. They talked about her general heath and just how healthy she actually is.

After divulging her details she passed the challenge over to Hillary and “Doofus.”

Aaron Eckhart, still on his “Sully” promotional train,  appeared first to plug the film and to talk about the real life incident that inspired the film.  They spoke of Jeff Stiles, the man Eckhart plays in the film and that the co-pilot was really overshadowed by  Sullivan in the news.

There was another story that ran parallel to Sully’s saving a plane load of passengers. Eckhart revealed that he had been taking flying lessons, and then stopped, in order to learn more about his character.

Chelsea and Aaron talked about  hypno-therapy and how useful it was for quitting smoking  and drinking. (On Eckhart’s part, not Chelsea’s.) It was a good interview and the audience was very responsive to him, unlike his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Nest up was Chelsea “in the field” meeting with hypno-therapist Brice Le Rous. She wanted to get rid of her phobia about snakes. Le Rous clearly did not know how to “take” Chelsea and it was funny.

Handler also did not find the man soothing at all. His voice “annoyed” her and in the running commentary  she said he talked far too long. Chelsea also talked during her hypnotic session.

David Cross, husband to Amber Tamblyn , came on next to plug his Netflix stand-up special “Making America Great Again.” The show is anti-Trump. Cross talked hypnosis, Trump, being married to Amber (who is 19 years younger than the actor) and how much he appreciates Tamblyn being his wife.

Cross also told of his consternation as the presidential hopefuls were narrowed down to Trump and Hillary. Speaking of Trump, he related the moment when he realized that “this isn’t funny anymore.”

The special was shot in April and at that point Cross found the whole idea of Trump becoming the Republican candidate amusing.  Then he spoke of Brexit and the sobering effect of the Brits opting out of the European Union. David explains how scary the whole thing is when looking at the Brexit decision.

They also spoke about the upcoming debate between Trump and Clinton.  Cross revealed that he was looking forward to it as Trump has no policies.

Chelsea then did a pre-recorded segment on rich people being allowed to take what they want. Funny and quirky it went down well.

Author Jeff Wise was the last guest. He and Chelsea spoke of flying myths.  For instance,  “an airplane will never crash when it is experiencing turbulence,” and where the safest part of a plane is.

It was a good end to the show although there were no real myths busted here. Wise was fascinating but he was more interested in telling how planes fly. He also explained a bit about the real “Sully” and why he was able to save the plane.

They also talked about cell phones and whether they really interfere with the aircraft. There was no real imparting of “Chelsea Knowledge” at the end.

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.



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