The Last Heist (2016): B Movie Horror Action Fun (Review)

Kristina Klebe in The Last Heist

Director Mike Mendez gives us a film written by Guy Stevenson that is a three-way split. Horror, action and thriller genres all wrapped in one package, titled The Last Heist. Starring Henry Rollins, Kristina KlebeTorrance Coombs and Victoria Pratt the film starts off as a heist caper that goes horrifically wrong. 

A gang of bank robbers target a closing bank.  As they get ready to make their move, a stranger wearing all black and carrying a large brown satchel walks by the parked getaway van and enters the bank.

There is a nod to Aliens inside the van as one of the robbers says, “Somebody wake up Briggs,” a variation on “Somebody wake up Hicks.” A nice touch and one that shows the fun in both Mendez and Stevenson.

It could be argued that the gang’s outfits are also a nod and wink to two other heist films.  All but Tracy and Ally are wearing “Reservoir Dogs‘ suits and ties and the masks, while not actually kabuki,  are close enough to evoke images of “Sushi Girl.”

The gang in the bank end up being picked off by Rollins’ “Window’s Killer” and find themselves surrounded by the cops. (There is a good gag about texting that is quite funny.)

There are things about the film that irk. The guns are all clearly Airsoft replicas and despite the best efforts of the actors at doing weapon “recoil” the guns are using “CG blanks” as it were.   There is one scene where the detective’s gun shoots  a round after locking open, a sign that it is clearly out of ammunition.

Another scene, dealing with guns, oddly enough, has the killer’s bag shot repeatedly by an automatic rifle. A few moments later the bag is unmarked, without a single bullet hole to be seen.

While the guns were not up to par, the storyline is busy enough and the acting convincing enough that the film moves well.  In terms of actors, there could have been a lot more Klebe. Her badass character was brilliant even when coming up against Rollins’ crazy killer.

Victoria Pratt was spot on as the somewhat jaded detective who refers to the young cops sent as back up as kindergarteners.  There are enough twists and turns to keep the audience interested and enough action to insure a low boredom factor.

(Although, like the computer generated gunshots, there were other things that jarred in the film. The ties, used to  bind the hands of the hostages,  were so loose that they could have fallen off.)

Mendez keeps the plates spinning.  Cops breaching, the bank,  robbers going after the score and a serial killer that is gleefully going about his business and killing whomever he comes across.

The Last Heist has a huge body count, a creepily funny serial killer and enough blood to float a battleship.

Henry Rollins rocks it as the smiling serial killer who came to close out his safety deposit box and leaves with so much more. Aussie actress Camilla Jackson is excellent as the aggressive bank robber with no patience for the elderly.

For some reason this film has been almost universally panned.  This is good “B” movie fun, a blending of genres that works well and entertains thoroughly.  It does not take itself too seriously and neither should the audience.

The Last Heist is a 3.5 star film. It starts as a bank robbery “caper” movie  and segues into a horror film. Although it does switch back and forth between these two genres along the course of the film.

The movie  is streaming on Netflix and is well worth a look. Pop up some corn and crack open a beer and enjoy this for what it is.  It may not be “The French Connection” but it certainly is not “Death Squad, aka 2047: Sights of Death” either.  Try the film out.  If for no other reason than to check out  Rollins’ soft spoken killer.

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