Jimmy Kimmel Live: Zooey Deschanel and Ben Stein


Jimmy Kimmel Live started off with the host poking fun at Donald Trump. The Trump fun continued with the “Lie Witness News” pre-recorded segment where people on the street were asked about Trump’s appearance on “Dancing With the Stars”.  The show does not air till September but that did not stop them commenting on the non-event.

There was a fake advert with a cameo by Ben Stein and a group who did a video with a baby goat came on to sing to various creatures in the TV studio. The animals ranged from a fluffy white bunny to a cute hedgehog, that no one  seemed to be able to identify.

The singing was funny and slightly cute, but the reaction of one of the singers to the baby chick flying out mid-song was priceless.

The first guest up was Zooey Deschanel who talked about her baby and her child’s first birthday party. The poor kid got a cake with no sugar and did not “smash” the small cake at all. First words were talked about, which included “Bubba” and “ni-ni” along with “cheese.”

Zooey also spoke about directing the first episode of this season’s New Girl which airs September 20 on FOX. They also talked about one of Zooey’s co-stars; Jake Johnson working on a film with Tom Cruise and not being there to be directed by Deschanel.

(The film is obviously the remake of The Mummy.)

Deschanel brought up an interesting fact about the armadillo that had been on the show earlier; they carry the leprosy virus. She then went on to describe the cake she made for her daughter. (Mushed banana and coconut cream.) Unsurprisingly the kid was not impressed.

Zooey and Jimmy also talked about a “New Girl” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” cross-over.

Ben Stein was the next guest. Stein, who is most familiar as the monotoned teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Wonder Years talked about his dislike of Donald Trump and of Hillary Clinton, whom he attended law School with.

Stein and Jimmy took a trip down memory lane and talked about working together on Win Ben Stein’s Money. Ben talked about his many houses, after being prompted by Kimmel, and what moved him to buy the properties.

The English “indie rock” band Glass Animals performed a single from their new album “How To Be Human.”

Earlier in the episode, Jimmy Kimmel Live  poked fun at the upcoming “Dancing With the Stars”  with a fake advert listing all the new contestants. One of these new contestants is Vanilla Ice.

Once again, there was no time for Matt Damon. Jimmy Kimmel Live airs  Monday through Friday  on ABC.


Musical GuestsL:  Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones and Glass Animals

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