Chelsea: It Was Like Racist WrestleMania and Mr Robot Twitter Hack (Review)

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea, episode 46 had a computer focus at the start of the show.  Speaking to her staff about their computer habits she then brought on the female stars of Mr. Robot. In a field report she spoke with the first Muslim congressman and later talked to Hasan Minhaj who said the RNC was like racist WrestleMania.

The breakdown on this episode was: television and politics (with a tiny bit of religion.) along with a Chelsea “tip” video on raising kids. Ms. Handler follows the preaching of the late great George Carlin, “not all your kids are special.”

Ms. Handler spoke with three members of her staff.  She looked at their browser histories and talked to each one about what they were looking for online. This was a great start to the show and introduced some new Chelsea employees.

She then welcomed the three female stars from Mr.Robot Chaikin, Doubleday and Corneliussen. Before speaking about the show in general and celebrating the show’s maker Sam Esmail for developing female characters who fall outside standard media tropes and stereotypes. Corneliussen (who plays Joanna Wellick on the show) talked of striking back at a troll on Twitter.

There was some talk about Emmys and the Golden Globe and Chaikin recalled meeting Chelsea on her old show when she was the only audience member who cheered a Miley Cyrus reference.

Next up was Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison. Chelsea asked about how he found the experience. Ellison related a story about swearing in using Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran. It was an inspirational moment that Chelsea seemed to appreciate. There was no comedy to be found in this segment.

Last up was Hasan Minhaj, who spoke of attending the RNC. Initially, he revealed that his plan was to go in “white face” but the melting makeup made this impractical. Minhaj, who works on The Daily Show was amusing, erudite and quite sincere. Exactly what one would expect from a senior correspondent from Jon Stewart’s old stomping ground.

Minhaj also told of his first encounter with racism. Chelsea and he spoke of Trump’s first percentage of black vote support (one percent) and having that one crazy uncle who would vote for Trump.

They also talked about Trump’s “orange” doctor who wrote the five minute diagnosis letter of health for the presidential hopeful.

The conversation segued back into social media and online activity with the mention of Internet racism and how everyone needs to get involved to help change things.

Minhaj’s one man show was plugged and the fact that he may be taking on a new role on Comedy Central was mentioned.

The show finished with Chelsea talking to some very young future voters about who they support in the upcoming election. Chunk decided to bark at something offstage and Chelsea had to call him over. It was a very funny moment and quite endearing as well. This was followed by her parenting tip for the day:

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix. She and Chunk will be back tomorrow night.


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