Queen of the South: Esta ‘Cosa’ Que Es Nuestra – This is ‘Our’ Thing (Recap/Review)

 Queen of the South - Season 1

Queen of the South “Esta ‘Cosa’ Que Es Nuestra” begins with Camila heading south of the border to appease Epifanio while  Theresa is also in Mexico, returning the maid to her family. James continues to hunt down Mendoza and gets a lead from the company who towed Theresa’s car.

In Mexico, Theresa is taken captive by Maria’s family.  The maid’s father wants Theresa dead and Angel helps her to escape. She steals the father’s car and goes in search of the tire repair place where Camila’s men picked her up. She is after the book.

Camila returns home to Epifanio and the first thing they do is have frantic sex. It appears that,  above all else, that animal attraction is still there.  She tells her husband that she knows he is interfering with the shipments.

The two discuss Cesar, Theresa and Birdman.  Epifanio still wants Theresa dead and Camila reveals that Mendoza works for her.  She agrees to stay for the fundraiser.

Theresa finds the tire repair center and the book is gone.  The brother of the owner appears and tells her that a pipe burst and they found it. He returns it to Theresa and tells her it will cause her more trouble.

She heads back to the fruit market to the tunnel but is stopped by the policía.  Maria’s brothers arrive in a truck. They grab Theresa and put her in the  back of their father’s car.

At the fundraiser, Camila learns that Epifanio wants a truce in order to enhance his chances in the election. While she is there the leader of the Jimenez cartel calls Epifanio and attempts to shake him down.

James tracks down the car  Brenda was driving when she picked up Theresa.  He speaks to Brenda and threatens to kill her two workers if she does not give up Mendoza.  She refuses.

Maria’s father releases Theresa but promises to kill her if she ever returns.  She makes it back across the border and James tries to find out where the maid is. Camila, who is also back in Dallas,  calls about the maid and James lies, telling her the woman is dead.

James returns to the club and Camila tells him that Epifanio has ordered that Birdman be left alone. Camila explains to James that she can now run her business the way she wants.  The plan is,  as before, for Camila to double her shipments.  She then orders the Jimenez cartel member’s death.

Queen of the South - Season 1

Brenda and Tony move to a different hotel. She begins to read the book that Theresa retrieved from Mexico.  The two women must learn what the information in the book means to guarantee their safety.

Queen of the South this week had a nonexistent body count as it concentrated on moving things forward for Theresa. It is clear that James is attracted to Theresa and saved her from Camila for his own reasons.

There  may be  a truce between Epifanio and Camila for now, but if she does kill Birdman things could change. Although the move by the Jimenez cartel against Epifanio could keep the couple  on the same page.

Queen of the South airs Thursdays on USA.


Guest starring Lanell Pena as Maria and Jeremy Becerra as Angel

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