Killjoys: Johnny Be Good – So Long Seyah (Recap/Review)

Killjoys - Season 2

Killjoys “Johnny Be Good” starts with dead bodies littering the streets of Old Town and Dutch being held in cuffs.  She is undergoing  questioning  about where Jelco is and the threat is, if he cannot be punished, Dutch will be.  Meanwhile D’Avin has Jelco and he tells the man if Dutch bleeds then  so does he.

Dutch has been given a concoction that makes her bleed if she lies.  The leader of the Killjoys bleeds quite a lot as she continues to evade the question of where Jelco is.

The night before,  Dutch and D’Av save Johnny and Pawter from Pree’s bar. Once the two wake up  they learn about the wall and its behavior modification settings.

Lucy gets the line of the episode in this exchange with Johnny:

Johnny: “Lucy put on your analysis pants.”

Lucy: ” I don’t wear pants.”

Johnny: “I know, I was just…”

Lucy: “I’m a spaceship John.”

Johnny: “Never mind.”

This is the last bit of real comedy in this episode.  As we continue the “flashback” to the night before,  things are grim and dark.  Johnny, D’Avin, Pawter and Dutch infiltrate Spring Hill on Westerly to kill Jelco and bring down the wall.

Once inside they find the complex deserted. Pawter and Dutch split off from Johnny and D’Avin. Johnny takes on the AI Julian and attempts to bring down the wall around Old Town.

Johnny is halted by Julian the administration matrix for Spring Hill. Johnny  attempts to bypass Julian but the AI defeats him.

Lucy then takes on Julian and they provide the only other amusing moment in the episode. Before they enter the facility, Dutch tells Seyah Simms how upset she is about Johnny and her role in involving him in the battle for Old Town.

Pawter and Dutch try to shut down the wall using the controls on Jelco’s desk.  He shows up via a holographic image.  The two women split up, Simms stays and tries to crack the wall and Dutch searches for Jelco.

D’Avin goes to help Dutch with guards that Jelco sends and Johnny tries to free the controls so Pawter can shut down the mood enhancers. Dutch finds Jelco and also discovers a lot of Level 6 plasma equipment.  After the vast majority of Old Town is killed off, the survivors are earmarked for conversion to Level Six’s.

Simms asks Seyah Kendry for a master code to shut down the wall and she refuses.  Simms  uses the mood enhancers to force Old Town citizens to short out the wall.  Changing the setting to rage, the people run into the wall killing themselves by the hundreds to bring the structure down.

Dutch captures Jelco and forces him to reveal the game plan and she realizes that it is to mass create Level Sixes. Old Town denizens break into Spring Hill as Jelco bargains for his life.

D’Av sports Jelco out as Dutch fights off the Old Town rioters. Dutch is captured.

Back to the questioning of Dutch, Johnny tries to get her to cooperate as the rioting Old Town populace bay for her blood.  D’Avin finally reaches Big Borna (Natasha Bromfield) and using Jelco’s money, they buy a weapon that will destroy Spring Hill. 

They get the weapon and  D’Avin shoots it at Spring Hill.

Seyah Kendry arrives to negotiate a truce. A conniving b*tch to the end, she tells Pawter that in exchange for her standing and for all her property, Kendry will allow  Old Town its freedom. The two women go to sign the treaty and Kendry stabs Pawter. She collapses and Kendry unleashes her Level Six escorts.

Johnny grabs Simms and lowers her to the ground. He attempts to stop the bleeding to no avail. Seyah Simms dies.

The Level Sixes are killing everyone and D’Avin has to knock his brother unconscious so they can escape.

They head back to Lucy, where Jelco has been ensconced but find Fancy Lee (Sean Baekthere. The Level Six is holding a bloody piece of cloth and he says he let Jelco go.  Dutch asks why he would do that and Lee replies she will have to ask Khlyen.

Kendry has pulled a fast one with the documents and reveals Westerly has not won its freedom after all.

Killjoys - Season 2
The calm before the storm.

Michelle Lovretta has taken Killjoys to an incredibly dark place with the death of Pawter Simms and Kendry’s act of murder and subterfuge.  The Killjoys are reunited but this is short lived as Johnny will obviously be upset that D’Avin took him away from Simms.

The death of Pawter Simms is shocking and upsetting.  As Johnny asks Pawter to tell him how to save her, there can not have been a dry eye in the house.

This second season has been much darker than season one. Sure there are the wisecracks, Johnny has  a great line where he says he wants to “have my Dutch and eat my Pawter too.” Not a wisecrack per se, but pure Johnny Jaqobis. But these verbal jokes are simply whistling past the graveyard in this season.

Dutch revealing  her love for John  is the preamble to the death of Simms.  Her interest may just go beyond the old “brother and sister” tune she sang before and this may alter Johnny’s behavior when he wakes up later.

With Khlyen back in the picture it seems a certainty that The things will get even darker for the Killjoys.

Killjoys airs Fridays on SyFy and Space.  Tune in and see what Khlyen wants and how Johnny handles Seyah Simms’ death.


Guest starring  Pascal Langdale as Jelco,  Mayko Nguyen as Seyah Kendry

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