Chelsea: Kate Upton and YouTube Stars (Review)

Chelsea Handler

Episode 44 of Chelsea “We Have Influencers Here” was an interesting look at YouTubers, social media and  an entrepreneur worth millions. The guest list included Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and actress Kate Upton, Smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla), Flula Borg,  Mamrie Hart and Sophia Amoruso.  

Chelsea did two  pre-recorded segments. One  with her 82 year old gal pal Miss Cecile and the other with Eric Andre. In the former video Miss Cecile talks sex and getting one’s fallopian tubes nice and greasy.  Not for the squeamish this one. Unless you like hearing your grandma talk about sex…

The second may not be quite as nauseating but as it is Andre, you can be sure it will come close.  Not a fan of this chap. He is too much like that attention starved kid in the second grade who would eat snot to get noticed by the teacher and his classmates. This type of behavior is not comedy, it is acting outlandishly, and being very rude, to get attention.

He and Chelsea do a Jack-in-the-box unboxing (unwrapping). Chelsea plays his “straight man” and it pokes fun at the ever popular “unboxing” videos on YouTube. Here is the video and if you are a fan of Andre enjoy. If you are not, give it a miss, unless you like fast-food.

Upton was the first guest and while she is not a YouTube sensation, it was an upload to the sharing application that helped to kickstart her career. There may be quite a few who have not seen the delightful young lady do the “Dougie” but far more would have seen her “Cat Daddy” dance where she wore considerably less.

After speaking with Kate, the show moved onto Miss Cecile’s After Party. (Note: This is not a channel on YouTube. We know as we looked…) The less said of this segment the better. Only interesting in a cringeworthy sort of way.

Next up were the proper YouTube stars. Smosh, who have their first “live” show on Friday, 26 August. These two have well over 22 million subscribers and are the top of the YouTube food chain.

Mamrie Hart was the second YouTube celeb with over a million subscribers and last on the list was Flula with over 700 thousand subscribers. Out of the three, Hart has a film coming out, starring other YouTube personalities.

It was interesting to see Smosh, at the very top, with even more subscribers than nigahiga (Ryan Higa) – who not that long ago had the most subscribers on YouTube…in the world – talk about the days of the “tube” before Google bought it. They actually got their start before the Internet giant bought the platform in November, 2006.

If you take the time to look at IMDb and see the cast list on Hart’s film Dirty 30 there are a number of YouTubers in the film. One, Grace Helbig was in Smosh’s 2015 film, Smosh: The Movie.

Flula appears to be some sort of Zach Galifinakas Between Two Ferns and Sacha Baron Cohan knock off. Plants and Borat combined with points off for lack of originality.

Last up was multimillion entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso whose company Nasty Gal was started by selling a stolen book on eBay. Not exactly the most inspiring of stories…

Who knew that hard work and thievery could be so lucrative?

The college dropout and “dumpster diver” moved on from selling stolen items to clothing and amassed a $280 million fortune. She how has a photo book, aka coffee table book for sale and has stepped down as CEO of Nasty Gal.

Amoruso did write a “real” book which has been turned into a production on Netflix starring Brit Robertson.

Chelsea ended the show with her “Brought To You By” segment. In this case it was the demise of Gawker, the site that showed the world Hulk Hogan’s sexual congress with a pal’s wife. The funniest bit of the episode epilogue was Chelsea’ rant about overusing hashtags. It was hysterical.

Rather interestingly, there was a lesson to be learned from this social media episode. To make a living from YouTube you need over 22 million subscribers. To have it bolster your career, dance the Cat Daddy in a string bikini…

Chelsea is on three days a week on Netflix.

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