Superstore: Olympics – Open and Close (Review)

Superstore - Season 2

Ah Superstore. How we have missed you.  The early “Olympics” episode was a reminder of what makes this show work so well. Although it was confusing to see everything “back to normal” after last season’s finale. (In case you have forgotten, everyone was fired except for Dina who took over Glenn’s job.)

Still, this was a celebratory episode honoring the Olympics and it featured all that makes this series so spot on comedically.  Amy and Jonah still have that excellent chemistry together. Glenn is still over the top enthusiastic for every little thing and Dina is still annoying, yet funny.

Cheyenne is still pregnant and Nico is Mateo is still that bit too, too.

Cecily Strong guest stars as famous Olympian Missy Jones. The Saturday Night Live star kills it as the motivational speaker who has a “laser beam” gaze and makes the cheesiest sayings sound positively insightful.

The episode starts with Glenn having the Cloud 9 employees parade through the store in honor of the Olympic open.  He has the oldest employee inn the store light the cauldron but she lights a stacked display of toilet paper instead.

Glenn makes things worse when he uses the fire extinguisher. Burning toilet rolls engulf the display area in flames.

17 days later Glenn is about to announce his Olympic closing ceremony when he is challenged by Dina. He tells her to better if she thinks she can. The challenge is on.

Superstore - Season 2
Dina and Glenn

Earlier, Cecily Strong’s Missy Jones inspires first Amy and then the very pregnant Cheyenne.  The 17 year old girl decides she will drop out of school and become an Olympic gymnast.

Amy is horrified. She tries to get Cheyenne to think more realistically and Jonah tries to help.  Dina drafts Garrett as her Olympic ceremony assistant only to be fired almost immediately.

Glenn goes overboard with his patriotic fervor for all things American and makes Mateo uncomfortable. Later the Filipino learns that he may just be an illegal alien. Jonah has a word with Glenn who then goes the other way with a total lack of patriotism.

(Glenn has a splendid comic moment with Mateo’s Philippine  flag pin.)

As Amy and Jonah try to steer the pregnant teen onto the right course, the episode has the usual quirky customers and employees flitting through.  (The old lady with her shopping basket was hysterical.)

Superstore - Season 2
Missy Jones

Superstore “Olympics”  keeps the comedy bar high.  Cecily Strong who plays  the platitude spouting former Olympic hero kills it. The interaction between her character and Dina, who wants to know who shagged who, is funny. As is Amy’s clear hero worship of her childhood idol.

The episode aired on NBC August 19 but is still available to watch on Hulu. The NBC comedy series begins  its second season properly on September 22, 2016.

Fans will want to mark that date in their diary or calendar or computer.   This is cracking good television with a cast that have a brilliant chemistry and who all bring something to the comedic table.


Guest starring Cecily Strong as Missy Jones

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