Roadies: The Corporate Gig – Irony and Phil (Review)


Roadies “The Corporate Gig” ladled out huge helpings of irony. The band falls apart and Phil seemingly dies and it all happens at a gig for Fun Co.  Last week saw Phil relive his early days with Lynyrd Skynyrd something that he flashes back to before falling into Reg’s arms and then the pool.

If Phil really  has died, fans will not be best pleased.  He was a favorite character and when he departed to be in space with Taylor Swift,  there  were a lot of unhappy viewers. (It is most likely Phil’s time in space that set him up for whatever “kills” him in this episode.

This penultimate episode of Roadies seems to prove that the curse is real (that unbroken egg has destroyed the band) and that Kelly Ann should have said something.

From the start of “The Corporate Gig” there were signs that things were not going to go well.  Puna sets the stage with his dream of a “melting animal” and he pronounces “it” will happen here.

“It” turns out to be the disintegration of  Staten House Band.  It also turns out to be the death of Phil. (He may not be dead, but with his “last words” to Kelly Ann – which were probably “you should have broken that last egg – and that still body certainly made Phil look dead.)

Other signs included Phil himself.  Perhaps the funniest line of the episode was his “I don’t know. I don’t always listen to  myself very close.” But was this a sign that things were not quite right?

Leaving the “death” of Phil alone for  a moment, Reg is also about to make an exit. He learns that his boss, Edgar (played by prolific Scottish character actor Enn Reitel) knew all along that Reg was there to break up the band. Edgar has already reassigned Double D to re-label a soup’s brand back in England.

He also learns that there will be no european tour and that the rest of the venues have been cancelled.

Reg learning the bitter truth.

Reg’s response to this news is to get pissed as a newt (intoxicated).  He acts very uncharacteristically and even touches Milo.  Later he and Kelly Ann finally connect, as they were meant to all along.  Both are drunk and more open than usual.

They finally kiss and even though Reg is leaving, there is a sense of satisfaction in that tender moment.

Romance almost blossoms for Milo who makes a connection with Logan the eraser girl. The two get off on the wrong foot initially, but finally get together for some “picking” and some singing.

Christopher goes AWOL when he goes to see Janine instead of attending the corporate gig. Later, he sends a note to Tom telling him that he is leaving the band. Love definitely has moved Christoper House in mysterious ways.

Love is not moving smoothly for Rick.  Despite the fact that Natalie Shin is the best thing that has ever happened to him he wants Milo  to give her “the talk.” She tells Milo that Rick is afraid of commitment and that she will bring him around. Clearly Rick does not want what is good for him.

Shelli and Bill almost lose their special relationship due to a misunderstanding. So although it is not “right” their relationship is steady no thanks to Phil. (It was Phil who convinced Bill that the “spell” was broken.)

The cooperation, Fun Co, are losing acts due to the company’s links with Saudi Arabia and their “weapons’ rubber.  Gwen Stefani pulls out, via the excuse of a sickly child and very few of the acts are left.

Phantogram perform “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” another sign that the party is over for Staten House Band in this episode.

“The Corporate Gig” also spends some time discussing the changing face of rock fans and the music itself.. As Phil says at the beginning,  he can remember bands that wrote music that changed the world and did not sell out.  The good looking chap Kelly Ann attempts to connect with blames it on the fans:

“People don’t even clap anymore ’cause they’ve got a phone in one hand.”

David Spade appears as himself. His “Dead Sex” show-within-a-show premise allows for one of the better comedic moments of the series thus far. Bill and he talk about the program and Bill asks how it will end with Spade’s character and Jan.

Spade tells Bill that he kills Jan.

Bill responds:

“Why the f*ck would you do that?”

Later a frantic Spade is calling to set up a  reshoot of the ending of Dead Sex.  “I don’t care how much it costs, he shouts into the phone.

Phil and Reg share a moment.

Phil and Reg talk and it appears that all really is forgiven.  As they converse Phil asks Reg, “Can you hear that.” In his mind Phil is experiencing his time with Lynyrd Skynyrd, the group that got him started.

He slumps forward into Reg’s arms and then falls in the pool. Milo calls 911 and Kelly Ann wakes when Phil collapses. She rushes out to the pool and Phil whispers something to her and then “dies.”

There should not have been a dry eye in the house.

The curse from episode 4, the one started by Reg – although Kelly Ann  facilitated it by not mentioning that broken egg – has wreaked havoc on Staten House Band.

Even the crew have been affected somewhat. Wes learns that  Winston would not have been allowed to attend the european leg of the tour anyway.

Kudos to Ron White as Phil.  His dying should have sent tissue sales skyrocketing.  Jacqueline Byers also knocked it out of the park.

Major props to both Imogen Poots and Rafe Spall.  These two absolutely killed it in this episode.

The finale of Roadies airs next Sunday on Showtime. Do not miss this one, mark your calendar or diary, or mark it on the wall.  This will be a good one.


Guest starring: Jacqueline Byers  –  Natalie Shin, Branscombe Richmond as Puna, Jen Tullock  –  Logan the Eraser Girl,  Steve Zissis  –  Jack Peltz and David Spade.

Musical Guest : Phantogram

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