Dark Matter: Stuff to Steal, People to Kill – Another Shocker (Review)

 Dark Matter - Season 2

Dark Matter flew into parallel worlds in “Stuff to Steal and People to Kill.” Mallozzi and Mullie continue to throw fans off balance. This time by “punching a hole” in space time.

This problem with Portia/Two equates to another shocker. It looks like those nanites have gone on the fritz.  Two may require a tune up if she survives…

Last week ended with the Raza blinking out of this world and this week it reappeared in a parallel world.  Instead of traveling light years, they only moved 1.2 miles.  (Three gets another “line of the episode award” for his “Guys, we could have walked that.”)

The device is broken and the ship is damaged. As The Android and Five begin repairs they notice, that there is another Raza.   Two decides that they need to find it after it blinks out of sight.

The Blink drive allows the crew to see where they would be without Five’s influence. Obviously in this world she was “spaced.”  It also appears that they have no “friends” in this universe.  The Raza 2 crew is also made up of different people.

Wexler,  (who is a douche in all worlds apparently) is now on the ship along with Tash, the incestuous sister from episode 111.

In this world, Six was caught before he could set up the crew.  Portia shoots him point blank. Five is nowhere to be seen. Jace Corso looks to be in charge. Wexler was not spaced and Tash has a thing for Marcus Boone, although not a good thing. Tash likes to play rough.

Boone also has a very different relationship with Portia, more akin to his set up very early in season one. Four is not on the ship in this world, he went back and took his throne. The is a plot point in the episode as it allows our Four to set up Portia and Marcus in this parallel world.

A lot is learned by our Raza crew in their incursion into this parallel world. The reason they jumped “sideways” had to do with temporal displacement. Portia smugly explains why. (They did not adjust the Blink device before trying it out.) Four learns how his parallel self retook his throne, and also what not to do.

The parallel versions  of the crew are also more hedonistic without Five’s influence.  Although,  similar to Wexler, the real Jace Corso (not Derrick Moss impersonating him) is also pretty much the same in both worlds.   A predatory creature with no ties to any of the crew.

The Android is also very similar. Although she appears to be devoted to Portia ” For making me what I am.”

(Three gets the line of the episode with is response to Tash. After she punches him and knocks him to the floor, she remembers what happened the first time she punched him.

“You said I hit like a girl,” Tash says. “You do,” says Three, ” Like a  super fit, well trained, scary, scary girl .”)

Truffault does a pre-emptive double-cross and takes over the Raza 1 while Two and Three are in the “Raza 2.”

Two out maneuvers the commander. The Android from Raza 2 helps in this exercise, as Truffault disabled the Raza 1 Android.  The end result is that the Raza 1 gets the working Blink drive from Raza 2 and now  they know how it works.  Three sets the device for their world.

Portia’s  hand tremor has gotten worse. A lot worse. It is affecting her vision and balance. She staggers across her room and collapses. Before that, however, the Raza 2s Marauder takes off from their ship. Two questions who they brought back from the parallel universe.

It could be  Wexler. The stinker was knocked unconscious while he was in the Marauder 2.  It makes sense that he would have been missed in all the orchestrations that  Two went through.


Could the Marauder contain  the other world’s  Emily Kolburn? Raza 1 Emily (Five) is adroit at hiding, using air vents and so on. Just because we do not see her on the Raza 2 does not mean she got caught and spaced.

Does this mean that Raza 1 will have to track down another Emily?


Did Jace Corso somehow manage to escape?

The possibilities are somewhat finite. Obviously somebody got on board from Raza 2 and slipped into another universe with the Raza 1. But who?

Dark Matter airs Fridays on SyFy and Space. Tune in and see what happens with Two and who came back to “our world.”

Who, or what,  do you think was on the marauder?


Guest Starring Torri Higginson as Commander Truffault, Ennis Esmer as Wexler and Jessica Sipos as Tash.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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