Chelsea: Let’s Go On My Tinder – Survival and Millennial Sex (Review)

Chelsea Handler on Netflix

Chelsea’s guests wereJoel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad and Edge of Winter), Sean Rad (CEO of Tinder and fellow talkshow host Eric André. Chelsea opened the show talking about how Millennials have less sex than any generation ever.  Later she and Fortune Feimster, along with Dan, her assistant, went to a survival school run by Dan Baird.

One audience member stated that he had not had sex in years. Chelsea guessed that he could well be asexual. She also mentioned the gay men “have a thing” against “full penetration.” “I don’t blame you,” she said.

Kinnaman was the first guest and spoke many about “inadvertently” smuggling opium into Malaysia when he was younger. The conversation was mostly about drugs and the harsh penalties for smuggling them in Asia. The actor did give a small plug for his newest film, Edge of Winter.  He also talked very briefly about working out and maintaining his physique; Mexican supplements.

Next up was Chelsea, Fortune and Dan’s experience in Survival School. It clearly did not impress the host or her friends.  Baird showed them how to make a fire, what wild food to eat, how to make a small shelter and, incredibly, camouflage.

Dan clearly becomes hypothermic and Baird is clearly not concerned. Chelsea is not the least impressed. It is obvious that she has not connection with the other Dan. At one point he goes to shake her hand and Chelsea ignores his outstretched hand.

(During this pre-recoded segment, Chelsea gets the funniest line of the episode. Baird holds up some wild oats.  Handler mentions gluten, which Baird “poo-poos.”  She retorts that  if you have a severe allergy it matters.

“A lot of people in California  have been tricked into believing  they do [have an allergy to gluten].”  Very funny and typical Chelsea.

Next up was Sean Rad who gave some great tips for those who use Tinder. He helped Chelsea set up her profile.  Rad’s biggest tip? Be yourself. Which is, perhaps, the best advice of all.

Chelsea’s last guest was talkshow host Eric André who is definitely an acquired taste.  Has an “alternate” talk show on Adult Swim and it is odd to say the least. As is his humor.  Rad and Chelsea both found him funny although his humor is, at best, eclectic and crass.

There was some talk of sleeping with guests, Eric – two, Chelsea -two. The show finished with Chelsea giving a grammar lesson, which was,  as usual,  introduced by Kelsey Grammer.

Joel Kinnaman was a hard interview. Clearly his use of Mexican supplements has affected his Q&A skills. André came over as an attention starved kid and out of all three, Sean Rad was the most informative.

Check out his advice below:

Chelsea is on Netflix three times a week – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Stop by and check her “outside the box” talkshow out

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