Queen of the South: Season 1, Ep 9 – On the Run (Review)

Queen of the South - Season 1

The aftermath of stealing the Florida cocaine, and Theresa killing her first man, has stuck with the future Queen of the South. In “Coge Todo lo Que Puede Llevar” (Take Everything You Can Take) things are starting to come together for Camila.

Vargas pays back the Colombians who corroborate Camila’s theory that Epifanio is behind everything . After speaking with Villagossa  she forces him to keep their deal  a secret. Camila also doubles her order.

Before meeting with Villagossa, Camila dropped off the stolen cocaine to Allen. She just beats Watson with her delivery. He arrives and is met by Camila and her two associates.
Vargas taunts the Jimenez man; calling him “birdbrain.” He is not  pleased to have been defeated by Camilla.

Theresa rushes off the save the maid; Maria Sanchez (Lanell Pena).   James has orders to kill the woman after the police spoke to her. Even though she said nothing, Camila wants no loose ends.

Leon, John and Reggie’s brother, turns up wanting to know who killed them.  Word has travelled fast and the sibling that James never knew existed wants answers. Theresa asks Brenda to help her get Maria and her family out of Dallas.  James is tasked with finding the woman and he soon realizes that Mendoza has intervened to save her.

Camila, while waiting for James to return, focusses on Leon. She tells the troublesome brother that Watson killed his siblings and took their money. Leon is warned by Camila to take it easy as he is taking on a cartel. Leon  is not impressed.

Obviously Vargas means for Leon to kill Birdman but he fails. He really should have paid attention to Camila’s warning. Watson comes in and empties  a cup of Leon’s teeth onto Camila’s desk. He belittles the dead man and reminds Camila that he cannot be touched.

Queen of the South - Season 1
Camila squaring things with the Colombians.

James gets to the maid’s apartment after Theresa has fled. He tracks her car via the LoJack and follows the vehicle. James  learns that the car is being towed and Theresa is nowhere to be seen.

He tries calling her phone but she does not  answer. He also discovers that she turned the tracking off on her phone.

Theresa takes the Maria  and her family to see Father Ramon (Hugo Perez).  She asks him to smuggle them across the boarder to Santiago.  Initially he refuses and then tells her no buses are available till the weekend. Theresa says they just need a tunnel. He directs them toward Laredo, Texas. 

The small group arrive at the tunnel entrance.  As Maria and her two boys start into the tunnel she pauses. Maria then tells Theresa,  “God may forgive you for what you have done, but I never will.”

Theresa then returns James’ call. He pleads with her to return with the maid. He tells her that if she does it will stay “between them.” Mendoza says  “No” and hangs up.

She then tells Brenda that she is returning to get the one thing that can keep them safe. The episode ends with her entering the tunnel and heading back to Mexico. Theresa is going to get the book.

Queen of the South revealed how Theresa felt about killing John. It troubled her and changed her course of action. It was his death by her hands that forced her to work so hard  at saving Maria and her family.

Camila proved once again why she is the boss in this episode. She suspected Epifanio all along and now Villagossa has confirmed it.   She will now go after her husband with a vengeance.

Queen of the South - Season 1
Dave Maldonado as Leon

Leon turned out to be a tempest in a private jet.  He ultimately turned out to be “all shirt and no trousers” when Eric Watson got hold of him.

Presumably, now that Theresa has gone south of the border, next week’s action will take place in her old stomping ground. She will be up against Cesar and Epifanio while she retrieves that book.It seems safe to assume that there will be blood.

Queen of the South airs Thursdays on USA. Tune in and see why the “future” Theresa was so silent this week.



Guest starring  Dave Maldonado as Leon and Brent Smiga as Eric Watson

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