Casual: 40 – Ex Sex (Recap and Review)

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This week in Causal, Alex has pretty much gotten over the “creepy f***ing eyebrows” insult lobbed by Sarah on her way out; he only mentions it once.  Val is still having sex with her  ex Drew and it is her 40th birthday.  Things are still cool between Alex and Val and he decides to throw his sister a  surprise birthday party.  Laura tells her uncle that this is not a good idea.

Alex proceeds despite Laura’s warning and invites Jennifer, and all of the “game night” people. Spencer and Laura  play “tattoo roulette” and Val has lunch with Drew.  As they eat, the couple  take  a walk down Chili’s memory lane.

Alex also invites Jack to the surprise party. .

Interestingly, Alex “moves in” on Jack like he did with Leon.  The two men bond over smokers. Back at the tattoo parlor, Laura’s surprise tattoos are emojis and Spencer gets a stapler on his back. Alex comes up with another app and Jack loves the idea.

Drew and Val have an uncomfortable moment where he tells her, “I made a mistake. I want you back.”  Val gets dressed and leaves.

The guests begin to arrive for Val’s party.  Leon  turns up  and he meets Jack.  Jennifer arrives with another “game night” friend. She questions Alex’s inviting Jack and moments later Valerie arrives to be surprised. Val is somewhat underwhelmed by the whole thing.

She talks to Alex about inviting Jack and he tells her lover to leave the party.  Val asks Jack to stay.  Her secretary reads a poem to Val, in a  cringeworthy moment.  Leon seems quite taken with the secretary.  Spencer calls Laura and tells her that his tumor is shrinking. She leaves  the party to be with him.

Spencer and Laura have sex and as they talk later, he mentions them being together in a few years time.  She looks uncomfortable .  At the birthday meal Val and Jack talk about sex with exes and it seems Jack has had sex  with everyone in the game group.

Alex mentions his eyebrows and the conversation at the table moves away from Val. She then learns that Jennifer has been talking to Alex.  She  bluntly asks her friend if she is “f**king” Alex.

Val goes to leave party and she tells Alex she is going  to be with Drew. The doorbell rings and paramedics have brought their father to the house.

Casual “40” has put some nice twists in this episode.  Alex and Val are clearly not getting any closer to a reconciliation.  The introduction of their father, Laura’s grandfather, will definitely heat things up, if what Jennifer believes it true.  The siblings, she says,  have a lot of anger that all seems to stem from dear old dad.

Laura and Spencer may not last much longer as a couple if his cancer really is in remission. Now that he may live, Laura might  not want to be with him at all.

Casual airs Tuesdays on Hulu. Stop by and check out this quirky comedy.


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