Dark Matter: Goose Bump Time ‘Stuff to Steal, People to Kill’

Dark Matter - Season 2

Reading and watching Tom Gardiner‘s short and sweet article about the upcoming Dark Matter episode (“Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”) prompted a full body goose bump attack. Not only does the promo, going after the “other” Raza, and the “sneak peak” show the other side of that “Blink” it references time. (Although Tom seems to believe alternate worlds is the answer here.)

We prefer to think the space time continuum is in play here not in terms of dimensions but time alone. Let us explain.

The sneak peak, which we will offer down below courtesy of YouTube,  reveals the consequences of that initial Blink.  In essence a lot of things on the Raza have gone boom, or snap, crackle, pop.  The Android diverts power to fix most of the problems and Five works to fix the FTL.

Nyx and Devon have sent out a distress call to the Raza.  The station that they were dropped off on has been pretty much destroyed.  As the ship approaches the “dead” station Two tells The Android to dock so they can help their newer crew members.

The Android, who has provided nothing but bad news so far, tells Two that they cannot dock and that there are no survivors.  (She also explained previously that they only traveled 1.2 miles in the Blink.)

In the distance there are three ships fighting a desperate battle. One of these is the Raza. Two, aka Portia, then says that line that prompts goose bumps, “We have to go after that other Raza.”


Dark Matter just keeps getting better and darker.  The premise of a parallel world may indeed be the meaning of this sneak peak.  If this is the case, and Blink is  not a time travel device, it means that in that world One could still be alive.

This raises all sorts of questions.

Are the crew the same? Have they evolved or could this be a case of the merry band being more evil versions of themselves. (Think evil Kirk in Star Trek: The Enemy Within.) Could One be brought back? Of course the most important question is whether this is an alternate dimension or not.

Although, if the Blink device put them in a different time, all bets are off. To be fair, parallel worlds are a version of time, per se,  in a lot of theories.  Of course leaving time aside, Stephen Hawking has opined that blackholes could be portals into alternate universes.  This may well be what has occurred.

But, if we go with the theory that all times run concurrently, another theory,  then could the short “hop” made by the Blink equal a move to the future.  Where the Raza has encountered hostile ships and the station destroyed by same?

If this is the case then not only could the crew possibly save Nyx and Devon but…Drum Roll please…They could save One as well. (Yes,  we really miss One at Mike’s Film Talk.)

Either way, this short peak has proven what the previous episode only hinted at. The Blink device is a game changer. In more ways than one.

We have said it before and we will say it again, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie are killing it with this second season.  These two continually pull another rabbit out of the proverbial hat, which often turns into a fire breathing dragon, as each episode progresses.

If indeed this is time travel, we have to go grab some straws and start making some diagrams…

Dark Matter airs Fridays on SyFy and Space TV. Do not miss this series. That is all.


Author: Mike's Film Talk

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