Orange Is the New Black: Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull – Diaz and Movie Night (Review)

Movie Night OITNB

Things have been cranked up a notch in Orange Is the New Black “Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull.” Diaz is finally released from the prison and things do not go well for her.  Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” tries to reconcile with her gingerbread sweetheart and Flores is still on that table in the dining hall. Movie night almost turns into a race riot and Nicky is going cold turkey, sort of.

To make matters worse, that dead body in the garden is discovered when the sewer line has to be diverted through it and the greenhouse.  All hell is about to break loose in Litchfield. The prison is already a pretty tense place with the “rise” of Piper’s supremacist  group and this find will blow things up.

Sister’s mission to find and photograph Sophia (Laverne Cox) falls flat when Ingalls (Beth Fowler) sneezes and her smuggled cell phone falls out of her vagina.  Later Caputo lectures the Sister on her behavior. He then takes the phone and uses it to photograph  Burset in the SHU.  

He meets with Danny Pearson (Mike Birbiglia) and gives him the phone with the picture. He wants to blow the lid off the whole issue but not be connected with it. Pearson’s reaction to the phone that was in a “nun’s vagina” is hysterically funny.  

Taystee picks “The Wiz” for movie night and she appears to be the only inmate who loves the film.  The white group try to intimidate the black inmates watching the film and as result movie night is cut short.

Blanca has not budged from her spot on the table. Urine stains are on her uniform and the tabletop.  The COs are not relenting and other inmates attempt to give her food and drinks. Piscatella (Brad William Henke) is furious at these infractions and promises that who ever does it again will be crawling back to there cell. 

The “white” group throw food at Flores and mock her. The CO who ordered Blanca to stand on  the table is supported by “his brotherhood” and this will end in tears.  Regardless of the officers sticking together, the tensions are rising between the staff and inmates.  Humphrey’s act of depravity towards Maritza (Diane Guerrero) is a sign that at least some of the guards should not be in charge of other people. 

Outside the prison Diaz is struggling to cope with the reality of being free. Her friend spent all her money and sold her clothes. “But not your shoes,” she says.  Diaz snaps at other customers in a cafe and is not finding her freedom to be quite what she expected.

Inside Litchfield, Dayanara (Dacha Polanco gravitates toward Maria and her drug running gang in the beauty shop. Gloria (Selenium Leyva) tries to warn Diaz’s daughter off but she refuses to take her advice.

Red puts an embargo on Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) getting drugs from anyone.  Frustrated, Nichols takes some weed from Luschek (Matt Peters). Suzanne sneaks out of movie night to spend some broom closet time with Kukudio (Emily Althaus).

The plan is to “do the dance of no pants” with her friend from the woods. Maureen takes Crazy Eyes right up to the point of orgasm and then stops.  Her revenge on Suzanne for leaving her in the woods.

Piper leaves a granola bar on the table near Blanca. She is forced, by another guard, to stand on the table with Flores. “Your scent is…strong,” Piper  tells her table mate. “Breathe through your mouth,” Blanca replies.

Piscatella tells his officers that he will stand behind their actions. He also denigrates Caputo for not leaving his office and walking the “trenches.”

Orange Is the New Black is heading for a meltdown in the prison. Even minimum security inmates will riot if given a reason. The new COs are mostly comprised of bullies and Humphrey is clearly a sick individual.  Overcrowding, emphasis being placed on the Dominican prisoners and racial unrest are making Litchfield a kettle ready to boil.

Finding the  body is a real game changer here. With tension already near breaking point,  this is the icing on the cake.

Orange Is the New Black is streaming on Netflix. Watch the whole season or enjoy each episode one at a time.



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